Is it really time for the Nationals to begin? This year has gone by so fast!!

The National Motocross series is almost here! - Photo 1 of 1

The first race of the outdoor Nationals is one day away! Can you believe it? I can’t. It seems like just yesterday that we were doing the 80’s Flashback at the Anaheim 2 Supercross!

This first round of the Nationals is being held at Glen Helen Raceway, which is less then an hour drive from my home. Yessssss! No long plane flights this weekend!

One thing that’s different this year – Glen Helen is the opening round. The past few years, it’s been the final round of the series.

So, its a new season, and everyone starts with zero points. A Clean Slate! Everyone seems rejuvenated and pumped up. James Stewert is back after missing most of the supercross season, and I’m looking forward to seeing his condition, if he’s 100%, and ready to win! Also, what makes outdoor motocross even more exciting is that all the 250 Lites guys are in the same class. It’s always neat to finally see west coast guys race the east coast guys and see who is really the best. Jason Lawrence (West Coast Supercross Champ), Trey Canard (East Coast Supercross Champ), Ryan Villopoto (defending National Champion), Ryan Dungey … and so many other fast guys …. who’s going to be fastest and most consistent and …. champion at the end of August???

The weather is going to be interesting this weekend too. It’s usually very hot this time of the year here. But yesterday we had some ‘breaking news’ – flash floods, hail, and even a small tornado! It’s even raining right now (Friday afternoon) as I type this!

Will this years first round be a mud race? Time will tell!

p.s. Stay tuned for one of my upcoming blogs soon – it will be video from MotoBowl!


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