WOW! I don’t even know where to begin except this new venture that mxgirls is jumping into with for 2009 is extremely exciting.. I’m sure your thinking .. why Michele, why did you take and team up with … ok well let me tell you my short censored version .. hehe

MXGirls is a great website promoting for the past 10 years mxgirls who are currently competing in the Womens Motocross Association within the states, along with a touch of international racing. I’ve tried to promote up and coming amateur riders, as well as dedicated riding enthusiast.

OK, so here is why the partnership is the “coolest”. Teaming up with will allow MXGirls and all the content of MXGirls receive a more global attendance. With the help of Amanda Woods, field correspondent, we will be able to focus and capture women’s motocross from around the world, bringing you more news, video, rider features and down the road we will have product reviews and much much more!

Trust me; this is a great step for women’s motocross. We are definitely going to shine in 2009. I would appreciate all your support, national and international riders, please join the community and use the message board for our conversations. I’m going to make sure we have some amazing product giveaways and warm welcome to your new home here at the powered by

yea for change!


michele johnson

founder of


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