German Grand Prix of Motocross, 2010, Teutschenthal

Hey Everybody,

The week before the GP of Germany, I went training together with my friend, Ken Roczen. We trained on his private track at his house. We had a good day of training … and then Ken showed me his riding skills on his old 85cc! Wow! It was impressive to see that kid riding the 85cc! :O

After that we had some nice barbecue together, and the day after we started our trip to Teutschenthal. Ken lives about 45 minutes from the track. I don’t know how … but I did the drive in 2 hours!?) ; )

Saturday’s MX1 Qualification Heat – After the first corner I came in contact with another rider and a few corners later I made a mistake and crashed. So, I ended up starting my qualification heat in about 30th position! I found some good places to pass, ’cause again it was not an easy track to pass on. By the end of this race I could climb up to the 13th position.

Sunday’s Heat 1 of the GP: Just after coming out of the starting gate I came in contact with Tanel Leok, and it looked like our bikes were stuck together, …. so we both didn’t have a good start. I was around 26th position, so I knew I would have to work really, really hard to work my way up to the top 10.

When I was behind Anthony Boissiere, my shifter stuck in third gear because of the mud. After a few laps I loosened up the shifter with my hand, and could continue my fight with Boissiere.

The last few lap’s I find my way around E Bobryshev and S Ramon and was in sixth position. I closed the gap up to my team mate Max Nagl and Xavier Boog right away, … but I arrived to late to pass them! : (

In Heat 2 on Sunday, my team mate Max Nagl took the hole shot and I was in second position! In the beginning I struggled a bit to find good lines … and I got arm pump. After a while, I did find my rhythm and I was fighting hard during the last laps! The second to last lap I passed C Desalle and closed the gap of 4 seconds on leader Ken de Dycker so fast … but came a little bit short. Oh! How I wish I had one more lap!!!!! But my congratulations to Ken – great race and he deserved to win!!

Conclusion after this GP weekend: on tracks without a lot of possibilities to pass, heats that are 35 minutes and two laps are too short for me! : )

I’m very happy my team mate Max was back again from the shoulder issue of the last week. Lot’s of respect for his race in Germany!!

I’m looking forward to next weekend, one of my favorite tracks – Kegums in Latvia!


Tony 222

The Motocross World Champion of MX 1 is Tony Cairoli. This is his story of the Grand Prix of Germany - Photo 1 of 1

Tony Cairoli – World Motocross Champion of MX 1 in Germany

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