Editor’s blog: Yes, the ‘big’ supercross race is in San Diego this weekend. Yes, the race hasn’t happened yet.

What’s good about this race from my perspective as Editor?

The San Diego Supercross is the closest race to our homes & offices. We all live and work in San Diego.

It’s great having a race close to home. We get to sleep in our own beds. It’s a 15 minute drive to the stadium. There are no big travels expenses, or time away from home, or waiting around in airport security lines.

San Diego Stadium was opened for it’s first sporting event in 1967. I know the stadium (first called San Diego Stadium, then called Jack Murphy Stadium, and now called Qualcomm Stadium) very well, inside and out. I was just a kid, but I was there at the stadium grounds when it was actually being built during the 60’s. My dad’s friend was a construction worker that helped pour the concrete for the foundation, and I remember him taking us there one day to watch this stadium being built that was going to help transform San Diego from a small, sleepy Navy town to a ‘big’ city.

Like a lot of stadiums, it even has animals that have adopted it as their home (there was a ‘famous’ family of skunks that used to live there, occasionally interrupting Padres baseball games : ) I believe the first supercross there was in late 1980. I remember going to that event because the new 250 World Motocross Champion Georges Jobe was going to race. I had watched him earlier in the year racing GPs in Europe.

Many people that drive by the stadium today, and even people that have lived in San Diego for years might not know this, but when the stadium was first built, there was a big dairy with giant pastures and a lot of cows – just to the east of the stadium. (Today there are lots of highways and buildings – no more dairy farm with cows and grass!)

Anyway, I’ve been to every supercross at San Diego Stadium. Sometimes I’ve taken groups of 75 people. Sometimes I’ve take a few friends. Sometimes I took my girlfriend. Sometimes I took my mom. Sometimes I took someone that had never been to a motocross or supercross (“What’s the difference between the 125s and the 250s?”)

And it’s always been great! So – there is a lot ‘good’ about the San Diego Supercross – our ‘home’ supercross!

Could there be anything bad about the San Diego Supercross? Well, not really ‘bad’. But certainly not good! : )

I think the voice mail on my home phone says a big part of it, for starters:

Hi, this is your good friend Lex. You know, the one you haven’t called in a long time, maybe years. I’m glad you called. Yes, I do have tickets for you for this weekend’s supercross. I keep them at TicketMaster – same place I get tickets for my employees and family. All you have to do is go down to the Stadium, and go to the ticket window, and in exchange for $30, they will give you your ticket. Beeeeep.

Or, if you call my direct office line, you’ll get a different, yet somewhat similar message:

Hi. This is Lex of Supercross.com. Thank you for calling. If you are calling for free tickets to the San Diego Supercross, I don’t have any. I pay for tickets just like anyone else. Thanks. Beeeeep.

But wait – there’s more! I get more requests from all my ‘friends’!

Hey Lex, can you get me Jeremy McGrath’s autograph? (Heck, I don’t even know if Jeremy will be there! He’s a busy guy!)

Hi Lex, can you take us thru the Honda big rig to see what it’s like? (Sure! I’m positive the Honda team won’t mind if we just traipse thru their working environment and private area and take a look around! Would you like one of Andrew Short’s helmets as well? I’m sure we can just grab one on the way out!)

Hey Lex, can my family spend some time hanging out with James Stewart on Saturday? (Of course! I know James will stop whatever he’s doing if we show up! He’d be happy to! He’ll probably skip practice just to hang out with us!)

Hi Lex, can you give me Ryan Dungey’s phone number? My daughter really likes him and would like to talk to him sometime … (Yes! I just happen to know Ryan’s phone number! It’s 672-373-____. I know he’d be happy to talk to you or your daughter anytime! Tell him I said “Hi!’ too!)

Hey Lex, do you think when we go to eat a late dinner after the race you can get Chad Reed to come eat with us? (Certainly! I know if I ask, and tell him it’s ‘us’, he’ll be there in a heartbeat! I’m sure he has no plans what-so-ever and would love to join us! I’ll tell him to bring his factory bike so you can ride it too, OK?)

Looking forward to another supercross at home in San Diego. It might rain this weekend, but who cares? I know I’ll get to see Armando out in the parking lot BBQ’ing, have a beer or three, … then take my friends out to dinner after the supercross with Chad Reed : )

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