Uddevalla, Sweden

There is a new World Champion – Katherine Prumm from New Zealand!

On the same day as the Swedish Grand Prix, the women’s world motocross championships was decided as well.

In the first moto Katherine was second, behind defending Champion
Stephanie Laier. The race was lead by Livia Lancelot until she crashed
on the last lap. She did rejoin the race and finished third after
Jessica Pattersson was disqualified. Some of her team helped her on the
starting line, which is not allowed.

In the second moto Livia Lancelot had the lead again at the end of the
first lap, but she crashed on the fourth one. Livia handed first place
to Katherine Prumm, who controlled Stephanie Laier for the rest of the
race. Jessica Pattersson was third.

At the end of the day New Zealander Katherine Prumm celebrated both the
GP win and the FIM Women’s Motocross World Cup win. German Stephanie
Laier was second, while Livia Lancelot was third.

Katherine Prumm said “It has been a great day. The Molson Kawasaki is
an awesome bike and the best I have ever ridden. You can’t win a World
Championship on a terrible machine. They have helped me so much. I rode
a perfect second race after I passed Livia. It was a battle to overcome
my wrist injury that happened only five weeks ago. I did not think I
would be able to race here but I worked so hard for this and to finally
achieve it feels really good.”

Results from Sweden: 1 PRUMM Katherine, NZL KAWASAKI 47, 2 LAIER
Stephanie, GER KTM 47, 3 MANN Elin, SWE KTM 36, 4 LANCELOT Livia, FRA

Final standings 2006 Women’s World Motocross Championship: 1 PRUMM
Katherine NZL 94, 2 LAIER Stephanie GER 87, 3 LANCELOT Livia FRA 78, 4
MANN Elin SWE 63, 5 HAUPT Alexandra GER 55

Courtesy Youthstream & Molson Kawasaki Media/Adam Wheeler

The FIM Women’s Motocross World Cup - Photo 1 of 1

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