I told a friend this story … and then I realized “This could be my blog for this week!”

I went to Daytona for Bike Week. As Amanda has said in her current video feature, Bike Week is something you have to witness first hand to understand the magnitude of what it is. It’s something really special.

I left Daytona to fly back to San Diego on Sunday after the supercross. The ‘Daytona Supercross by Honda’, won by Ryan Villopoto.

I got to the airport about 4:30am. Definitely tired and lacking sleep. I was lucky enough to be upgraded to First Class, and was looking forward to getting some sleep on the flight home.

A few hours later, we land in San Diego. One of the flight attendants comes over to me and says ‘You were so much fun on this flight … you should work for Continental!’ (I guess I’m quite a lot of fun while sleeping. Maybe I was talking in my sleep? Maybe I snored so loud I got everyone’s attention … although I don’t snore that I know of!)

I said ‘I could work for Continental, … but I need some wings or something on my shirt lapel so it looks like I work for you.”

So, she goes and gets me those little plastic wings that they give out to kids. I put them on my shirt …. and the plane taxis up to the runway. The captain comes out, looks at my wings, and says ‘Do you work for us?’ I said ‘Yeah, I’m the official ‘greeter”. So he says ‘Go for it!’

I go to the part of the airplane where everyone is going to exit the door. I’ve got the entire crew of the flight to my right, the entire plane full of people to my left. And as they started leaving, I started ‘greeting’!

How was your flight?

Thanks for flying Continental!

How was the awesome meal we served you today? The one with the mystery meat – do you know if it was chicken or beef?

Hope you have a nice day!

The temperature here in San Diego is 72 degrees today!

Thanks for flying with us!

It was hilarious. It was fun. We had almost the entire plane cracking up!

Then a mom with a crying baby boy came by, … I’m not quite sure if they spoke English … but I gave the little boy my ‘wings’ … and he stopped crying. All good! Everyone was happy!

But still, you’d be surprised how tiring going to races and working on a consistent basis is. It’s not that the work is that hard (I’m not a rocket surgeon you know), but it’s really the multiple long work days, and the lack of sleep. It does catch up with you.

So it made me think of the riders. They fly back and forth EVERY week. And have to perform in front of, and with, the public. And they have to perform physically. Supercross racing is tough enough as is … but as the season progresses, the travel adds up, the bumps and bruises from minor injuries (and some have major injuries) add up … and it gives me a new appreciate for what these riders and teams have to go thru on a weekly basis. It’s tougher than you might think.

Me? I drove home from the airport Sunday after and went to bed. It doesn’t make up for all the sleep you miss out on during the week … but it sure felt good!

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