Good news! I’ve done my blog! Bad news! I’m not actually at the Supercross in Anaheim this week. I’m typing this from my hospital bed. Actually, my sister (go Bre!) is doing the typing on my lap top as I talk to her.

This all started on Tuesday. And it got worse. It started with a little pain in my side and back. No big deal I thought. But it rapidly got worse.

Bad enough that I decided to go to the hospital. It was getting really bad.

Now, let’s talk a bit about the hospital. I won’t name any names (Kaiser), but they didn’t seem to care much once they checked me in at Emergency. The pain was getting so bad, I literally couldn’t speak. My family and a friend were there with me. I was asked by a nurse “What is your pain level on a scale of one to ten?” and I screamed out “11!!!” Help!

What did this pain turn out to be? (After being there at the hospital already for a number of hours.) A kidney stone. A 2mm ‘ stone’ to be exact.

What does a kidney stone feel like? Well, for those of you that have had one, you know. For those of you that have not had one, it feels like someone has taken about a 12 inch knife, heated it up red-hot, stuck in it your lower back, twisted it around some, … and then left it in there. I can only say – it hurts like #$%^.

What is the prognosis? Well, a kidney stone can pass in two hours …. or it could pass in two weeks. Until then, it’s lot of pain, try to force down some liquids and food … and wait. I’m sad that I’m not at the supercross : (

There is a good side though! I have some good medications, and my family and friends are taking really good care of me. I don’t know much about the medications, but my sister said I had fallen asleep in the middle of telling her what to type for me, and I was mumbling about ‘my new Mercedes SLK Roadster and being in New York City’. Hmmmmm …. I guess I will try and get some rest.

I promise … if this kidney stone is gone, my blog next week will be twice as good as this week!


p.s. The photo below is of me and my little sis when we were … little.

The blog I didn't plan on ... - Photo 1 of 1

OK, since Amanda is ‘out of it’ … I wanted to share with you a funny video. My apologies first to Ben Townley. Ben, we love you, and we hope you have a good sense of humor : )

In this video, you’ll see some outtakes of Ben, and then you’ll see Amanda’s first ever TV hosting shoot. Actually, the very end of her first video shoot. She had been working for about 24 hours straight. Normally she can nail openings and closings to various TV shows in one or two takes ….. but for some reason …. this one took more than one take. Hope you all have a good laugh, and Amanda will be back next week. We hope! : )

Click on the link to watch the YouTube video


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