Jimmy Button is going on on a bicycle ride, but not just any ordinary bicycle ride. Over 2500 miles from San Diego to Daytona Beach to help raise money for spinal cord research.

Jimmy, first tell us about all the things you have going on.

Well, the primary part of my day is consumed with my job at WMG (Wasserman Media Group). I am an athlete manager/agent and I take care of MX/SX, FMX, and Indy Car drivers currently. I manage and negotiate their contracts and to some extent their lives. I also helped found the Road 2 Recovery foundation that helps injured riders get through the tough and sometimes devastating ordeal of a career ending injury. I wish there wasn’t a need for us, but that just isn’t the case. And my newest venture is my Miles For Miracles bike ride to raise money for spinal cord research.

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OK, what exactly is Road2Recovery?

Basically we founded it just after I was injured in 2000, and have been running strong with the foundation ever since. For example, when a rider has a catastrophic injury we help with anything and everything, from financial support, to helping assist with getting things set up for after the hospital stay is over, to giving advice on doctors and rehab clinics, which we have a relationship with a few places. You know, since we started the R2R we have raised and given out over $1 million dollars to injured Supercross / Motocross riders. I wish more people actually recognized and appreciated what we have done and continue to do for this sport.

Now, we want to focus on this ride. What the heck is this ride?

The ride is a cross country journey from the place of my accident (Qualcomm Stadium) to the World Center of Racing (Daytona International Speedway). We want to do something special and riding from one coast to another is a great accomplishment whether or not you are completely an able body person, or myself, a person with a few deficiencies.

When and where did you come up with the idea?

Thanksgiving day 2009 I was watching a 60 Minutes special about stem cell research by Dr. Keirstead and it struck a chord in me that I needed to do something special with this second opportunity I have been given. I called my old trainer Cory Worf to see if I could do something this huge and he said sure as long as I trained properly for it. Now, 15 months later we are ready to do it.

Who and how will it benefit?

Everyone affected by a spinal cord injury is receiving a benefit. The money is going to the Reeves Irvine Research Center. These are the guys making huge steps forward in the field and I want to help support their efforts financially.

What do you think this ride is going to be like for you?

Extremely difficult. I in no way thing it will be easy. I have a body that doesn’t work perfectly and so it will be very taxing on my body. I think it will be a great experience in the end, but I am sure there will be parts that will not be enjoyable at all.

Have you been training? What’s involved in your training?

Yes, for over a year. My training has consisted of going to the gym, with a trainer every week, and riding the bike. At this point I have slowed the bike riding down a bit as I need to gain some weight before we leave, but I am still riding every other day.

Who is helping you with the ride?

I will have my old trainer Cory doing 100% of the ride with me. I have a guy by the name of Chris Sheets that will be driving the motor home (courtesy of Davi Millsaps) and filming, and then my wife Kristi will be behind us in the chase car (thanks to Honda for the minivan). Should be one heck of an adventure.

How can fans get involved and help?

People can donate, which is what we need the most of. Also, if you want to ride a day with us you can go onto the website www.milesformiraclestoday.com and join the ride. You have to raise $200 to do a leg of the ride. Or, you can text the word BIKE to 85944 and donate $5 to help us out. I am going to ride across the US and I hope people will contribute a little something for all the people that haven’t had this wonderful second opportunity that I have been given.

Big thanks to everyone that has helped out in so many ways already. I couldn’t have done any of it without everyone support.


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