EuroCircuit, Valkenswaard, Holland: The 2012 FIM World Motocross Series is underway. All the teams, riders, bikes, industry, sponsors, and more have gathered at the famed sand track of Valkenswaard.

Rockstar Suzuki got things started today with a multi-team introduction at their racing facility right across the border in Lommel, Belgium.

Their facility is official called GRP – Geboers Racing Promotions. Sylvain Geboers is the General Manager, Eric Geboers (his brother) is a five time World Motocross Champion, and Team Manager of the MX1 race team. And Thomas Ramsbacher is the Team Manager of Suzuki’s MX2 and European teams. (photos below)

Eric Geboers started off the presentation about the three teams’ efforts for 2012. All teams are now “Rockstar”, with the other primary partner being Suzuki of Japan. Of course they have many other sponsors as well. Eric is proud of their new, long term relationship with Rockstar.

Eric also explained The MX1 team is ‘Factory Racing’. They receive technical and other support from Suzuki of Japan. The MX2 team receives technical support from Suzuki Japan, but more so from Suzuki Europe.

Next to speak was Thomas Ramsbacher. The MX2 team has a little bit different structure than MX1, because it’s primarily Europe-based, and, one of the items they focus on is looking for young riders to find and develop.

The UEM is the European Motocross Championship. Suzuki’s rider in that class is Jorge Zaragoza. He’s 15 years old, and from Spain. He’ll be racing the two-stroke 125 bike.

In MX2 – team riders are Harri Kullas, 20 years old from Finland. And Peter Petrov – 17 years old from Bulgaria.

Next it was back to Eric to introduce his MX1 team. The official name of the team is Rockstar Energy Suzuki World MX1. The first rider he introduced, fellow Belgian – Clement Desalle – a top candidate for the MX1 World Championship this year. Clement will be riding the familiar number 25 yellow machine this year.

Clement and Eric joked with the media on hand about how much Clement likes to do media requests and interviews. Actually, Clement does enjoy doing them. He explained that he is very structured in his life and dedication to racing, and he likes things planned in advance to make sure he can schedule all he needs to do to be a world class athlete, while at the same time doing media and interviews.

The next rider introduced – Suzuki’s newest rider for MX1 – Tanel Leok from Estonia. Tanel will be racing the number 4 Suzuki.

The next speaker was Sylvain Geboers. He talked about the subtle changes made on the 450 bikes for this season. They were very happy with the 2011 bike, and have made small changes to make it more comfortable, smoother, lighter, and easier to ride.

Eric concluded by saying “We are prepared, confident, and ready to go!”

The photos help tell the story.

Round 1 of both the MX1 and MX2 World Motocross Championships, along with the FIM Women’s World MX Championships start tomorrow (Sunday) and conclude on Monday.

The 2012 World MX Championships have begun - Suzuki gets it going - Photo 1 of 17

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The 2012 World MX Championships have begun - Suzuki gets it going - Photo 17 of 17


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