David Vuillemin (12) and Nick Wey (27) are the two primary members of Team Xyience MDK Racing in 2007. Angela spent a few moments with each recently …

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Ange: David, lets talk about the team, which is new for you, and the bike set up for 07, how’s that working out?

David: The team is going pretty well. Testing is pretty much done and I feel comfortable on the bike. We just made a few changes on suspension and the engine, but they were really minor. The team is working out really well. It’s a big change from last year for me. I am really comfortable on the bike. It’s up to me to get a really good start and to stay up front.

Ange: Lets take a step back to the race in Phoenix, what happened in that main event?

David: It was pretty simple, on the rhythm section, we were all battling at the start, and I was coming up behind Ricky. I came up right behind him, and I felt the bike go a little bit sideways and I made the jump a little longer. I ended up casing the jump and I wasn’t ready for it. I thought I was going to be okay though. I ended up losing the bike and went over the bars really fast. I laid there on the ground for a long time and couldn’t breathe.

That was pretty much it, although I spent the night at the hospital. They were checking on my abdomen, liver and spleen. I had a lot of pain in my stomach so they kept an eye on me. Unfortunate for racing though, because I was third fastest in practice and I rode great in the heat race, I got 2nd behind James.

It’s going to be two weeks before I am 100% again. My ribs are really hurting and I am going to try my best to recover.

Ange: The impact of that crash looked pretty hard. Were you awake at that time or knocked out?

David: I didn’t knock myself out, but I did pass out because I couldn’t breath. I actually fell asleep like I was getting choked by somebody. I hit the jump with my chest and I couldn’t breathe, and I thought I was going to die. And then Dr. Bodnar woke me up. He asked me where I was, and I said “Phoenix” because I was conscious, I just couldn’t breathe.

I didn’t do much the week after … I worked around my new house a little bit. I could’t run or anything. The first couple of days I couldn’t do anything but lay in bed.

Ange: You mentioned having a new home?

David: We just purchased a new home in Murrieta, we moved in the Monday after Anaheim 1 and it’s all good. We got the house painted, they started the pool already, and there are a lot of things going on in the house right now, so it’s kind of a mess. But it should be good in a few weeks. We will be all set. We all love the house … the kids have a lot of space to play, so everybody’s pretty happy about it.

Ange: Sounds like a great environment for the family.

David: Yeah, it’s good to be home and see the kids so happy watching them play outside on the swing set and they have room to run. They are two and three so they are very active right now.

Ange: How do you keep up with a two and three year old?

David: Oh, my wife has to keep up with them most of the time. I am always out practicing or training. I see the family everyday at lunch and dinner and such, so it’s a lot of fun. It’s definitely a lot of work but they bring us a lot of joy!


Ange: Nick, how do you feel about your overall performance so far this ’07 season?

Nick: Well, I haven’t gotten the results I wanted so far. But everything is working well, the bike is working good and I’m just looking to get the ball rolling on some good finishes.

Overall, the team has really stepped up in the last couple of years. We’ve got David on the team now, so that is cool. I’m working on some of my French cuz Bamboo’s been hanging out here a lot and he speaks absolutely no English … so I am trying to figure out what he is saying.

Everything’s cool. MDK is doing the engines and stuff this year, and the bike is working great. It should be a fun year.

Ange: You have your wife Nicole here with you at the races. How well does that work out, being a family man & all?

Nick: Nicole is making a little Ava (refering to the baby girl they have on the way) and she should be born near the end of February, so we are looking forward to that.

Ange: You and your wife are expecting a baby girl? Congratulations! How do you think that will affect your racing?

Nick: Yep, well, hopefully I will get that “Dad” strength, and I will be even better out there. I am looking forward to being a great Dad, and it should be very cool.

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