Team San Manuel’s Kyle Regal to Return to Supercross Series - Photo 1 of 1

Team San Manuel Yamaha Red Bull’s Kyle Regal is expected to return to the Supercross Series and finish out the rest of the season.  After further evaluation, medical experts concluded that Regal did not break his scaphoid bone, but that he had chipped his radius bone, which calls for a quicker healing period and is much less severe.   Additional testing and evaluation will be done over the next week, but Regal could be back on the track as soon as Arlington’s race, in his home state.  “We are very excited to have him back,” said a representative of Team San Manuel.  “He is very talented and we know that he still has more to give to this Program.”

“I’m so stoked to get to come back,” Regal said.  “When I first heard it might be the scaphoid, I was really bummed, because I remember when it happened to James and how long it took for his to heal.  Luckily for me it isn’t that serious and I’m trying to get back as soon as possible.”   Regal is currently in 15th place with 60 points.

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