Team San Manuel's James Stewart Finishes Fourth in Atlanta - Photo 1 of 1

Team San Manuel Yamaha Red Bull’s James Stewart takes fourth at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, after a hard fought battle for the win. Stewart had a solid start to the day, posting lap times under 47 seconds in the practice rounds, and in Heat 2, Stewart threw down the quickest lap time of the night with 45.91 seconds, just barely missing the lead, finishing in second place. When the gates dropped for the Main Event, Stewart grabbed the holeshot to take the early lead, and led the first two laps before a minor bobble set him back to second. Stewart went on to battle for first, taking over the lead with a clean pass just a lap and a half left to race. Unfortunately for Stewart, the win was lost when another rider crashed into him just a few turns from the checkers. Stewart quickly remounted, but was only able to salvage a fourth-place finish. “That was a crazy night of racing,” Stewart said. “I rode my best and at the end of the day that’s all I can do. I’m feeling good and will hopefully knock it out next week.”

Stewart’s teammate Kyle Regal has been riding consistently throughout the series, just shy of the top ten, finishing in 13th place at Atlanta. Regal had good practice rounds and finished sixth in Heat 1. In the Main Event, Regal started out in tenth and rode a solid race, but just wasn’t able to push his way up. “I didn’t get the top ten finish I was hoping for, but I’m going to continue training hard,” Regal said. Regal spent the last week training in Florida with Stewart and will remain there for the next few weeks, hoping to improve his performance.  

Stewart now sits in second place just 10 points from the series lead with 161 points and Regal is in 13th place with 60 points.

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