Team San Manuel Visits Brookhaven Boys & Girls Club - Photo 1 of 1

Team San Manuel Yamaha Red Bull’s James Stewart and Kyle Regal visited Brookhaven Boys & Girls Club in Atlanta last Friday as part of the Team San Manuel Community Outreach Program.  The Program is intended to inspire children to live healthier lifestyles and strive for success by eating right, exercising, doing well in school and believing in themselves.

Over one hundred fifty kids were in awe as Stewart and Regal rode into the gymnasium on their Yamaha YZ450F’s in full gear. Stewart and Regal discussed the importance of what staying fit, eating right, and working hard means to them.  “I’m always trying to push myself and once I reach one goal I’m onto the next,” Stewart said to the kids.   “If you believe in yourself you can do anything, whether you want to be a teacher, doctor, or Supercross rider like me.”   After talking with the children about the important role education and fitness have played on their paths to success, Team San Manuel riders answered questions from the Brookhaven kids before one young boy taught them how to do a new “victory dance.”

About the Team San Manuel program, Stewart said “This is a great program and it’s a great feeling to have all those kids looking up to you.” Throughout the season Stewart and Regal will be visiting Boys & Girls Clubs around the country.

“Our mission is to inspire kids to be something more,” Regal said. “My family always expected that out of me and I wouldn’t be where I am today without all of the hard work I’ve put in.”

“This was great for our kids.  We’re so thankful to have Team San Manuel come out to our club” said Robert Dunn, executive director of the Brookhaven Boys & Girls Club.

After a Q & A session with the kids, Stewart and Regal signed posters for everyone and posed for pictures.  Stewart now sits in second place in the AMA Supercross Series with 161 points, just ten points shy of the lead; Regal is in 13th place with 60 points.


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