From the video program called ‘Winning Can Be Fun!’, starring the McGrath family (Jeremy, Mom, Dad, Sister).

Jeremy was in the middle of rampaging thru the supercross series, winning 43 out of 60 events during the 1993 – 1996 supercross seasons.

You’ll see footage from the 1993 Motocross des Nations in Austria, the 1994 Daytona supercross, Honda’s practice track, the 1994 Anaheim supercross, Jeremy’s home supercross track, and Southwick 1993.

You’ll also see Mike Kiedrowski, Jeff Emig, Larry Ward, Jeff Matiasevich, Steve Lamson, and Jeff Stanton.

This video clip is called Do You Feel. It’s 5 minutes 19 seconds in length, and the file is 25 megs. The music is by Mercy House.

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