The Supercrosscom Rider sponsorship program provides financial help & an advertising platform for riders in the Supercross season. Giving them an additional media outlet for their accomplishment, events and sponsor promotions. Sponsorship Program will pay Rider each round after race weekend is over and media/content is delivered (details of media and delivery provided in the document).

To stay eligible the sponsored rider must complete each round. If injured the rider becomes ineligible and agreement is terminated until the rider is healthy and begins racing SX races again.

Media needs

4 separate videos taken by cellphone (30 – 60-sec clips)

  • 1 Media Day practice round video – Video sent by text, email or place in cloud storage no later than 1 hour after practice round session is completed.
  • 1 Saturday Morning Track Walk video – Video sent by text, email or placed in cloud storage during actual track walk.
  • 1 Video of Rider at the track during qualifying rounds – Video sent by text, email or place in cloud storage within 30 minutes of qualifying round completion.
  • 1 Video of Mechanic working on the bike – Video sent by text, email or place in cloud storage before LCQ round

3 Pictures taken with a cellphone

  • 1 Image of Rider with Bike or Rider with Mechanic
  • 1 Image of Rider line up at Gate (any round)
  • 1 image of Rider with Bike showing sponsor logos

1 article

  • Article describing the weekend’s race for the Rider and Team Examples of topics in the article.
  • Race Times
  • Bike Problems
  • New Equipment from sponsors
  • Goals Reached over weekend
  • Take away or something learned for the next round

1 High-resolution Image of Rider

  • Rider image will be used with Article for a Blog Post
  • Rider provides a list of Top 5 sponsors (can be different for each round)
  • Rider has the opportunity to put 5 sponsors in front of a very large racing audience. The rider must provide social media
  • Handles for the sponsors he’s chosen. This information is needed so we can tag them in the post we create on press and race day.

All rights reserved to content provided by the sponsored rider for each completed round.

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