We here at Supercross.com have always tried, and have tried even more for this coming season, to get photos, videos, interviews, etc of all the top riders and teams.

Some, like KTM, have been very helpful. Suzuki has provided materials as well.

Others …. we’ve begged, pleaded, cajoled, asked …. more than once. We want the same things you want. And more!

But for whatever the reasons – many riders and teams have not been ‘open’, or shared data.

Supercross.com wants to help the riders, teams, sponsors, and series to get as much exposure as possible. It benefits everyone.

And I can say for myself – because of the number of phone calls, texts, and e-mails that I personally receive, worldwide, the lack of information or openness is an issue.

I’d like to share it from my perspective, which is only a small sample of why it’s an issue

Those phone calls, texts, and e-mails Supercross.com receives from every single country in the world, that ‘says’ it’s an issue. So it’s important to me to try and help.

More disturbing to me though, are the messages I receive personally from Yamaha and Kawasaki and Honda employees in Japan.

They are disappointed. They feel that we (Supercross.com) are biased, and ‘play favorites’.

We don’t.

We’ve tried with many to get the type of coverage you fans worldwide, (and those staff members in Japan) want and deserve.

Here are messages that are typical of what we, and I receive:

‘You don’t show Chad Reed or Josh Grant or Trey Canard – you are biased against us at Honda’.

Or ‘We don’t see any photos or video of Ryan Villopoto – why do you not help us at Kawasaki?’

Or ‘You don’t you show anything with James Stewart – do you have an agenda against us at Yamaha?’

We’ve tried. And we keep trying and asking. We’ll continue to work hard to get all that we can.

I can’t speak for any of those teams, or those riders, or their PR staffs, and why there hasn’t been a lot of access.

But we, and I, receive a lot of complaints about it – worldwide.

Again, our, and my goal is to give the fans what they want, and to represent the riders and teams and series as best as Supercross.com can.

I hope that the riders and teams we’ve contacted understand that we are trying to help. Help them, help the sport, and help the fans (that spend money) have some enjoyment.

Thanks everyone!


p.s. Here are some materials that you might find helpful

And we’ll have lots more coming this week for sure!

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