Hollywood CA: Supercross.com, one of the leading motor sports web properties in the world, has announced today that’s it’s Technology Division is developing new technologies for the future of the sport of Supercross and Motocross worldwide.

Issues confronting the sport of Supercross and Motocross of dire importance right now are:

  • 1. Sounds Levels

  • 2. Emission Control

  • 3. Off Road Land areas to ride motorcycles on

Supercross.com developing new technologies for sport of Supercross - Photo 1 of 2

Amanda B. Woods, Senior Vice President of Technologies for Supercross.com has been spearheading the latest technologies to attack these issues head on, with tremendous success so far. She has been working on these technologies for a number of years, with help from various government agencies, the military, and marine biologists.

The reasons to pursue these forms of technology for the sport of Supercross and Motocross are obvious – the sport is being confronted and challenged on all three issues on almost a daily basis.

Although still in the Beta stage of testing, results to date have been incredibly successful. The solution? Riding underwater.

  • First, Sound levels are almost negligible underwater.

  • Second, Emission control issues become almost irrelevant as the emissions are dissipated under water.

  • Third, the Earth is two-thirds ocean, and with the diminishing land areas available world-wide, this creates brand new opportunities to develop new off road riding lands, and to build new supercross and motocross racing tracks.

Amanda B. Woods, Senior Vice President of Technologies for Supercross.com says “We at Supercross.com are extremely pro-active in making sure our sport continues it’s growth, and prospers for all stakeholders in the future. The plan is to develop Supercross and Motocross racing circuits underwater, hopefully to be implemented by the 2015 season.”

Woods continues “Currently, we are working with dolphins in development of the underwater process. Dolphins are incredibly smart mammals, and communicate effectively with humans, so that we may understand the pros and cons of our test circuits currently under the Pacific Ocean. I personally have spoken with OEM’s, the AMA, the FIM, local, state, national, and international governments, riders, team managers, PETA, fans, and the dolphins themselves. We have 100% approval from all involved to make this huge investment in the future of our sport regarding Sounds Levels, Emission Controls, and developing more Off Road land areas to ride on.”

Finally, Woods comments “Obviously, this is a work in progress – there is still much to do. But we are extremely pleased with our work so far. The dolphins have been tremendous assets & communicators, and are great to work with at this stage of our testing. We ultimately believe this will be a successful solution for the problems confronting Supercross and Motocross both today, and in the future.”

Supercross.com developing new technologies for sport of Supercross - Photo 2 of 2

Amanda B. Woods at secret testing facility off the Pacific Ocean with test dolpin

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