Finally, a simple guide to supercross on TV

Includes 2007 Supercross TV schedule!

The issue has finally been resolved, and the confusion is over. Now,
the sport of supercross has a far-reaching & comprehensive TV
package that’s easy to understand.

Below is the transcript of what renowned Physicist Dr. Frederick G.
James III, Phd said from the dais at his recent press conference
regarding supercross and television:

Good evening ladies and gentlemen. It is a pleasure to see you all
here. I was contacted by members of the media, OEM’s, and fans all over
the world to assist in solving the TV crisis the sport of supercross is
currently in. After careful consideration, I have decided to tackle
this issue forthright.

As you know, in late 2003, it was announced that ABC would be the
supercross television partner. In 2004, NBC was the television partner
that would ‘take the sport of supercross to the next level’. The year
before that, supercross was on ESPN & ESPN2. Back in the day, I
believe some supercrosses were on TNN. Currently, the TV programming is
on SPEED TV, with selected races on CBS. This is very confusing to say
the least.

The goal all along was to make it simple and easy to understand, much
like the NFL, where fans know consistently when the games are televised.

The guide to finding out when and where supercross will be on TV in 2007 is actually quite simple*:

  • First two events of the series from Canada will be broadcast immediately after Hockey Night in Canada on CBC Sports
  • The next two events of the series will be broadcast on NBC on Tuesday nights (Anaheim, Phoenix)
  • The next three events will be on SPEED TV Saturday mornings (Anaheim, San Francisco, Anaheim)
  • The next two events will be on Speedvision Saturday nights (San Diego, St. Louis)
  • The rest of the Anaheim events will be broadcast on FOX Sports, Sunday mornings, 2am
  • The next three events will be broadcast on ESPN Wednesday at 4pm (Atlanta, Indy, Daytona)
  • The next event will be broadcast on ESPN2 Thursday at 4:30pm (Orlando)
  • The next 4 events will be on CBS Thursday after CSI Miami (Pontiac, Dallas, Houston, Seattle)
  • The final event will be broadcast on ABC live from Las Vegas
  • 2. All programs are 1 hour in length, except for programs that are 2 hours.

Besides the new, simplified TV programming, I’m here to announce that
this new TV package is the greatest in the history of the sport.

Thank you. Thank you very much. (Applause)


End of Press Conference

* Any show can and will be interrupted by: Weightlifting, World’s
strongest animals, When sheep attack!, America’s Funkiest Home Videos,
Hydro-ceramic technician (dish washer) Finals, baseball, football,
basketball, hockey, tennis, auto racing, golf, checkers, soccer,
wrestling, spelling bee, cooking, cleaning, dancing, dog show, horse
jumping, and rodeo.




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