Take Aways From Round 2 – Supercross Race Glendale AZ

250 class Winners Supercross Round 2 - Glendale AZ

The Supercross Race in Glendale was full of surprises, both good and bad. We saw from some of the Riders, a sneak peek of what the season will hold for us. Here are a few things to keep in mind as we head back to Anaheim 2.

250 West Class

Adam Cianciarulo would not be denied a win after last weeks mishaps. In A1 he couldn’t put together a good main but on Saturday night he was on fire. Steady through the process and a convincing win was the outcome.

His round was impressive and Colt Nichols follows up with a podium finish after a win last week. The performance in Glendale makes an impressive statement to the rest of the 250 class.

During the day Cianciarulo was 3rd in qualifying times at 1:02.593. This could answer the question on whether it was the rain or not.

450 class Winners Supercross Round 2 - Glendale AZ

450 Class

Ken Roczen got the holeshot and it looked like he was running away with the 2nd round. Unfortunately, a Malcolm Stewart injury brought the race to a stop. While Alpine stars took care of Malcolm, the rest of the riders lined up again. When the race started again, it was with a “staggered” start.

You could argue that a new start was the difference between a win and one of the other podium spots or no podium at all. Ken Roczen had a pretty impressive lead until the Red Flags. Supercross fans have now seen 2 round and Rozcen has been on the podium both rounds. There are some really good stories forming in the 2019 Supercross season. Questions that fans would like to know the answer too.

  • Does Justin Barcia make a run at the title this year? He has consistently gotten better with every turn and after a break and small team setback. He seems to be back focused.
  • Will Jason Anderson repeat his success from last year?
  • Where does Cole Seely and Marvin Musquin fit it? Either one is capable of really making moves in the upcoming round and people are really pulling for Seely after his injury.
  • Blake Baggett doesn’t disappoint in the outdoor season, but these are Supercross tracks and it would be awesome to see him win more rounds out of this season.
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It looks like Malcolm Stewart’s wreck left him with a broken Femur. For those who are not familiar with what that is, the Femur is the longest bone in your thigh. Its also by far the strongest so I take a great deal of force to break it. For those that saw the crash know, Malcolm took a pounding out there.

We’ll continue looking for updates on each of these points. Follow us for more updates on Supercross News


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