Reliant Stadium is hosting Supercross 2009 on the following dates:

This year the Inside Line Experience fund-raising for Children begins at Reliant Stadium. The funds are dedicated to research for hydrocephalus – the #1 cause of brain surgery in kids. Checkout the Inside Line Experience for more information about the event.

Inside Line Experience will also be raising funds at the Toronto and Seattle AMA Supercross races.

Before coming to Houston the riders will be at Angel Stadium, and returning there after Houston.

Nearly 50,000 fans were at the Supercross event in 2008, and we expect an even larger crowd this year, with Dallas/Irvine not on the schedule. Not sure why Dallas is not on the schedule, but when we find out we’ll let you know (check the forum area for news and information regarding the possibility of next years schedule).

Last year Kevin Windham took the win (his first since 2005)

Race Results at Reliant Stadium in 2008 for AMA Supercross :

1. Kevin Windham, Hon

2. Chad Reed, Yam

3. Tim Ferry, Kaw

4. Josh Hill, Yam

5. Andrew Short, Hon

6. Nathan Ramsey, Yam

7. Charles Summey, Yam

8. Davi Millsaps, Hon

9. Nick Wey, KTM

10. David Vuillemin, Suz

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