Airing Thursday, February 24 at 11:30 pm ET/PT and telecast several additional times, Supercross Hall of Famer and TV analyst Jeff Emig is on “The Daily Habit,” along with comedian Tom Green and our special correspondent Alison Haislip.

The crew tackles bikini models with veggies, one news reporter’s on-air wipeout, and live via satellite, Prince makes amends with Kim Kardashian’s butt. See what happens when Tom Green and Chris Fairbanks skate and destroy the Fox lot at very high speeds. On the Stride Sound Stage, we’ve got rap artist Big B featuring Unwritten Law’s Scott Russo, performing their latest single “For Tonight.”

Supercross Hall of Famer Jeff Emig on “The Daily Habit” Tonight - Photo 1 of 2

Jeff Emig

Supercross Hall of Famer Jeff Emig on “The Daily Habit” Tonight - Photo 2 of 2

Pat Parnell, Tom Green, Jeff Emig, Chris Fairbanks and Alison Haislip

“The Daily Habit” is FUEL TV’s first original daily series, telecast weeknights at 11:30pm ET/PT. “The Daily Habit” features the biggest risk-taking athletes and the most influential faces in entertainment and brings them together on one stage to discuss everything from “stuff that matters to guys” to “trends that need to end.” If you ever wondered who the people were that did the things that make you say “holy crap!” … then you should probably watch this show. There’s also a ton of hot chicks, hilarious comedy and the greatest band performances ever. 

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