Tony Cairoli is the FIM World Motocross Champion of MX 1, racing for KTM

Hi everyone!

I arrived in Paris on Thursday, because we had to film the promo video for the Opening Ceremonies of the Bercy race. It was Marvin (Musquin), Justin (Barcia), Grant (Langston), Gautier (Paulin) and me. We had fun doing it and the result was really cool!

Bercy is three days of racing.

First day! I was excited, but the track wasn’t optimal. The organisation had a bit of a problem with the dirt I think … it was too wet, and too soft. I think everyone was in agreement on that. Myself – I know I was struggling with it. In the Final, I finished seventh, with was OK. I felt like my riding was getting better with every lap, but seventh is not the way I wanted it.

The second day I was feeling much more better on the track, and I felt much more comfortable. I had a good time in practice, and I felt like my supercross riding was getting better and better!

At this event in Bercy, there are races leading up to the Final each night. In the first race for me on Saturday night I finished fourth, but couldn’t go as I wanted because of a flat tire! In the Final, I had a bad start, and then crashed after contact with Justin Barcia.

On day three the track was getting really bumpy on this third night, with lots of ruts. In the Final I had a good start! I was in fifth place, and passed Arnaud Tonus and started to close the gap to third place – Coulon. We battled together towards the end of the race – I think it was exciting for the crowd, and as we came toward the checkered flag, it was literally a photo finish for third place! I couldn’t make the pass, but finished fourth!

Before both of these past two supercross races, one in Genoa, and now this one in Bercy, I was only able to train and test two times. So, not the best for preparation! But, I feel like my riding is getting better and better each time out on supercross tracks. I love to ride supercross, but I’m not even really good at it yet! : )

I saw a lot of crashes over the weekend in Bercy. And even though I love supercross, my priority is still riding the MX GP’s and I will try to take another World Motocross Title in 2011! So, even in riding supercross, I also have to think about this.

Now that Bercy is over, I will share with you some of my upcoming plans:

Next weekend I will ride in a ‘rally race’ near Bergamo, Italy. I always like to ride rally! And my sponsor Airoh is organizing this event! And then Sunday I will be a guest at a soccer match, Inter-Parma in Milan for my sponsor Kopron!

Then, at the end of December, I will go to the USA to ride and train for supercross, and my plan is to ride two supercross races in USA!

Ciao everybody!


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