Geneva, Switzerland, April 1, 2010. It’s called ‘The Motorcycle of Tomorrow‘. Starting with the 2011 racing season, all supercross and motocross racers will be racing identical, homologated motorcycles.

The MOT (Motorcycle of Tomorrow) has come about in an effort to reduce costs, increase racing competitiveness, along with rider safety.

MOT was confirmed recently by Supercross and Motocross Senior Vice President of International Race Competition Sven O’Hara at the Geneva press conference:

We have spent over a decade in designing the Motorcycle of Tomorrow. Our goals were simple – less expense for racing teams and racers, a much more competitive balance in the races so one team does not have an advantage over another, and, rider safety.

Cost – No longer will factory teams have to spend millions of dollars in racing. The MOT reduces the financial output for all stakeholders involved in supercross and motocross. There will be no difference between a bike set-up for supercross racing, and then motocross racing. All settings, suspension, frames, and more will stay the same, which reduces testing time for the teams.

Competitiveness – the MOT design makes for fair racing, since everyone is racing identical motorcycles. This provides for closer, more balanced racing, and the real beneficiary of this will be the fans – as each race will probably come down to the very last lap to determine a winner.

Safety – the MOT has a bigger ‘crumple zone’ in the fender, frame, handlebar, and foot-peg area, which in the past has been the areas of the motorcycles that can impact the rider, and other riders, if they were involved in the crash as well. You’ll also notice in the artist’s rendition of the 2011 MOT that the exhaust pipe has been lowered in an effort to reduce injury as well.

There was rumor at the Geneva Press Conference of another new rule that would take effect in 2011 – raising the age limit to start professional Supercross and Motocross racing to 25 years of age. That idea has been shelved for the time being, although will be voted upon at the upcoming Geneva MX Convention in December.

Supercross and Motocross to usher in new era with 'Motorcycle of Tomorrow', starting with 2011 racing season - Photo 1 of 1

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