The 2012 AMA Supercross Series starts the first weekend in January, at Angel Stadium in Anaheim, California. We look back at the 2011 season, which saw Ryan Villopoto win his first ever premiere Supercross championship, in a year where he also dominated AMA Motocross.

This flashback is of the Daytona Supercross 2011, officially called The Daytona Supercross by Honda. And the winner? Well, check it out to find out.

Ryan Villopoto wins Daytona Supercross. Blake Baggett takes win in 250 Lites East Regional Supercross race. The annual AMA Supercross Series race in Daytona Beach “The Daytona Supercross by Honda.” Round 9 of the 2011 AMA / FIM Supercross Series! Villopoto extends Supercross series points lead, as Stewart crashes hard, but still takes ninth. Barcia takes over 250 East points lead.

Daytona International Speedway

The 2011 AMA Supercross Series gets ready to tackle the rough and unique Daytona Supercross by Honda. In timed practice for the premiere Supercross class, the top lap time – James Stewart at 1 minute 16.34 seconds, Ryan Villopoto second at 1:16:53, Chad Reed is next at 1 minute 16.61 seconds, then , Ryan Dungey at 1:16:95, Davi Millsaps 1:17:02, Kevin Windham 1:17:62, Ken Roczen 1:17:68, Trey Canard at 1:17.77, and Andrew Short 1:18:04.

In the 250 Lites East, the top lap time went to Justin Barcia with 1 minute 18:14 seconds, Dean Wilson second at 1:18:22, then Nico Izzi 1:18:71, Blake Baggett at 1:19:18, Ryan Sipes 1:19:19, and Malcolm Stewart (James Stewart’s younger brother) at 1:19:33.

As the track gets rougher as the night goes on, and riders get tired, expect lap times to get a bit longer.

This race unique in a few ways. First, it’s at the historic Daytona International Speedway, a giant racing complex known as a ‘Super Speedway’. The facility itself is almost like it’s own small town – it’s that big!

Supercross 2012 countdown - Flashback to Daytona Supercross 2011 - Photo 1 of 62

The track itself is unique in that it uses different soils. The track retains much of the deep, soft sand that Daytona Beach is known for. And that makes for rough, bumpy, and rutted racing conditions. Just the thing that separates the “men from the boys”.

Says Rick Johnson, 7-time AMA Supercross/Motocross Champion and former winner here at Daytona, “The Daytona Supercross is much bigger than just a supercross. The history, and tradition of the race, of the Speedway, and Bike Week, make it a huge event in all of motorcycling, not just supercross or motocross racing.”

Check out our two latest videos linked below – Hangin’ out with World MX 2 Motocross Champion Marvin Musquin, and, Interviews and action from Daytona Media Day with Ricky Carmichael, Ryan Dungey, Chad Reed, and Trey Canard.

250 East Heat 1 takes off: It’s Blake Baggett on the Pro Circuit Kawasaki with the holeshot. Malcolm Stewart challenges … and then falls over in a tight left hand corner. At the end of lap one – it’s Blake Baggett in the lead. Blake’s team-mate Dean Wilson is in second. Then Matt Lemoine, and PJ Larsen.

Supercross 2012 countdown - Flashback to Daytona Supercross 2011 - Photo 2 of 62

The first race of the night is a six lap Qualifying heat. The track is already brutal – it is becoming so rough. The checkered flag falls to the victor – Blake Baggett. Blake Baggett is the winner. Dean Wilson second. Then Dean Wilson. Matt Lemoine. PJ Larsen. Les Smith. And Malcolm Stewart comes back to make the main with a sixth place finish. Fastest lap in the heat belonged to Dean Wilson – 1 minute 17 seconds.

250 East Heat 2: The PA announcers tell us that Justin Barcia is racing with two broken bones in his hand/wrist area. At 7:44pm, it’s number 17 Justin Barcia with a big holeshot and the lead! Ryan Sipes is next, Barcia’s team-mate Blake Wharton number 21 is third.

Supercross 2012 countdown - Flashback to Daytona Supercross 2011 - Photo 3 of 62

The finish and win of this race goes to the guy that led from the start – Justin Barcia! Second is Ryan Sipes on Yamaha, third goes to Blake Wharton, then Nico Izzi, and H Hewitt.

Supercross Heat 1: Holeshot and looking good, its 2010 Supercross Champion Ryan Dungey. He’s leading Ryan Villopoto. And on lap four of this race Dungey pulls off the track, parks his bike and starts walking back to the pits. Bike has stopped working. Looks like it’s leaking from the motor area.

Supercross 2012 countdown - Flashback to Daytona Supercross 2011 - Photo 4 of 62

2011 Series points leader, racing for the Monster Energy Kawasaki team, number 2 Ryan Villopoto, now owns this heat. This Qualifier runs eight laps. Villopoto is leading, and second is number 14 Kevin Windham. Third belongs to number 41 Trey Canard. Next is Ivan Tedesco. That’s how they finish – Ryan Villopoto wins, Windham is second, Canard is third, and fourth is Ivan Tedesco.

Supercross Heat 2: Ken Roczen with the holeshot, but it’s Davi Millsaps emerging as the first lap leader. He’s chased by James Stewart. Ken Roczen is third. Start of the second lap, Stewart falls in the same tight left hand corner as his brother earlier!

On the third lap, of this eight lap heat, Davi Millsaps number 18 on the Joe Gibbs Yamaha is still leading. Ken Roczen on the KTM is second. Third is Brett Metcalfe on Suzuki. Then Andrew Short, Justin Brayton, James Stewart, and Chad Reed.

Supercross 2012 countdown - Flashback to Daytona Supercross 2011 - Photo 5 of 62

Up front, Millsaps is leading on lap five. Ken Roczen is right behind. And James Stewart has worked his way up to third! And now Stewart passes Roczen to move into second!

James Stewart is not done. He’s charging. It’s lap six. And even after a fall – Stewart has passed Davi Millsaps now for the lead! It’s Stewart first, Millsaps second, Ken Roczen, age 16, on the KTM 350, is third. Then Metcalfe, Short, Reed, and Brayton.

James Stewart has won this heat. Great ride on a rough track, even after crashing! Davi Millsaps finishes second. Ken Roczen great ride for third. Fourth goes to Chad Reed. Fifth is Metcalfe, then Short and Brayton.

Supercross Champion Ryan Dungey is going to have to make the Main Event via the LCQ – Last Chance Qualifier. He starts third … and only two riders will transfer from this race into the Supercross Main Event. This is a six lap race. On lap three – Dungey moves past Michael Byrne for the lead of this race. Dungey and his number 1 Suzuki take this win. Michael Byrne is second.

250 East 15 lap Main Event: It’s Pro Circuit Kawasaki’s Blake Baggett out front! He’s chased closely by Justin Barcia! Ryan Sipes on a Yamaha is third.

Supercross 2012 countdown - Flashback to Daytona Supercross 2011 - Photo 6 of 62

Lap two sees Baggett, Barcia and Sipes out front. Dean Wilson goes off the course, he has dropped to 12th.

As the track gets rougher, and with the longer than normal lap times here at Daytona, physical conditioning really comes into play. Blake Baggett is leading. He’s running lap times in the 1 minute 18 second range. Justin Barcia is running in second place, almost four seconds behind the leader. Right behind Barcia is number 25 Ryan Sipes. The running order after Sipes is Blake Wharton, Matt Lemoine, PJ Larsen, J Anderson, Malcolm Stewart, and L Smith.

At the completion of lap eight, it’s Baggett leading, Barcia second, Sipes third, Wharton fourth, Lemoine fifth, Larsen sixth, then Anderson and M Stewart. Baggett has a nice lead over second place Barcia. But Barcia knows that the rider he’s tied with right now in points (Dean Wilson) is having a rough night with a couple of crashes, but Wilson is up to 11th.

And the winner at the end of this East Lites Regional Main event will be Blake Baggett! He has dominated! Well done. Second place, and the new East series points leader will be Justin Barcia. Third is Ryan Sipes, fourth Blake Wharton, then PJ Larsen, J Anderson, Malcolm Stewart, Dean Wilson all the way back up to eighth, Matt Lemoine ninth, and L Smith tenth.

Supercross 2012 countdown - Flashback to Daytona Supercross 2011 - Photo 7 of 62

Winner Blake Baggett said “I just got the holeshot. It’s great to win here. I’d like to give it up to Mitch (Payton, of Pro Circuit) for believing in me and giving me the opportunity. It was a long race, but I just kept charging. It’s really gnarly.”

Second place, and East Series points leader Justin Barcia said “The track is brutal. I feel for those 450 (Supercross) guys. They have to do 20 laps on this rough track. It’s rougher than it was even in the heat races.”

For fans wondering about Ian Trettel, he fell in practice and was taken to the hospital for observation. More info as it becomes available.

Now it’s time for ‘the race’. The Daytona Supercross by Honda – 20 lap Supercross Main Event.

James Stewart with a clean holeshot is out front early! James is putting his mark on this race. He’s doing obstacles on the track that no one else is even attempting. He’s pulling away already.

On lap three the running order is Stewart first, Ryan Villopoto almost five seconds back, Andrew Short is next, then Davi Millsaps, Chad Reed, Kevin Windham, and Ryan Dungey.

On lap four, Stewart is riding aggressively. Then he exits a left hand corner, heads for a series of jumps and Stewart goes down hard. Front wheel first cartwheel. He walks away staggering, gets over to his bike, falls down as he tries to remount the mangled bike. And after a few moments, he gets back up fully and is racing again!

Supercross 2012 countdown - Flashback to Daytona Supercross 2011 - Photo 8 of 62

Lap seven: Ryan Villopoto is now leading. Davi Millsaps has moved into second. Andrew Short is third. Chad Reed is fourth. Ryan Dungey is fifth. Kevin Windham sixth. Ken Roczen is ninth. James Stewart is running again, but listed as 20th place.

A lot has happened and it’s only lap eight of 20. Ryan Villopoto has a nice lead now. He’s running lap times of 1 minute 17 seconds. He leads Millsaps by almost 10 seconds!

At the end of lap ten, Ryan Villopoto has a huge lead. But the battle for second is heating up. Chad Reed has moved past Millsaps and into second. Then it’s Millsaps. Then Ryan Dungey is right behind. Fifth is Andrew Short. Then Brayton, Windham, Metcalfe, Roczen, Canard. Stewart is still going extremely fast – but was so far back he’s only up to 19th.

Supercross 2012 countdown - Flashback to Daytona Supercross 2011 - Photo 9 of 62

By lap 12, Dungey has moved into third – passing Davi Millsaps. It’s Villopoto, Reed, Dungey, Millsaps, Short, Brayton, Windham, Metcalfe, Roczen, Canard. Stewart up to 17th.

Lap times are starting to go up as the track gets rougher, and the riders start to tire. Lap times for the top guys are up to the 1 minute 20 second plus range.

Ryan Villopoto has won the Daytona Supercross! He also extends he series points lead! Second place goes to Chad Reed. Third place is Ryan Dungey. Fourth is Andrew Short, then Davi Millsaps, Justin Brayton, Kevin Windham, Ken Roczen, and James Stewart ninth.

Supercross 2012 countdown - Flashback to Daytona Supercross 2011 - Photo 10 of 62

Winner Ryan Villopoto says “It’s awesome. It feels good (my second win in a row here at Daytona). I saw James out there, he was putting in some fast laps. I was going to ride my race, and ride at my pace. The ruts got really deep, and bumps got square edged.”

Second place Chad Reed says “It’s Daytona. It’s brutal. That’s what we love about it. It’s so unpredictable. It’s a real challenge to race lap after lap. I had a blast out there tonight.”

The top three riders: Villopoto, Reed, and Dungey all agreed this was the roughest track they’ve seen in a number of years.

James Stewart, heroically, might of saved his entire season, just as in 2009 at Daytona. He took a bad crash, but was able to work his way into ninth place! That’s worth 12 points in the championship chase.

Supercross Results
1. Ryan Villopoto KAW
2. Chad Reed HON
3. Ryan Dungey SUZ
4. Andrew Short KTM
5. Davi Millsaps YAM
6. Justin Brayton YAM
7. Kevin Windham HON
8. Ken Roczen KTM
9. James Stewart YAM
10. Mike Alessi KTM
11. Ivan Tedesco KAW
12. Matt Boni KAW
13. Trey Canard HON
14. Michael Byrne SUZ
15. Nick Wey YAM
16. Fabien Izoird KAW
17. Tye Simmonds KTM
18. Brett Metcalfe SUZ
19. C Blose KAW
20. Matt Goerke KAW
Supercross Points
Ryan Villopoto 196
James Stewart 173
Chad Reed 172
Ryan Dungey 165
Trey Canard 154
Andrew Short 128
Brett Metcalfe 107
Justin Brayton 105
Davi Millsaps 104
Kevin Windham 89
Ivan Tedesco 88
Nick Wey 69
Kyle Regal 60
Mike Alessi 50
Chris Blose 46
Kyle Chisholm 46
Matt Boni 34
Ken Roczen 27
Weston Peick 24
Fabien Iziord 19
250 Lites East Results
1. Blake Baggett KAW
2. Justin Barcia HON
3. Ryan Sipes YAM
4. Blake Wharton HON
5. PJ Larsen KTM
6. J Anderson SUZ
7. Malcolm Stewart SUZ
8. Dean Wilson KAW
9. Matt Lemoine KAW
10. L Smith HON
11. L Vincent HON
12. T Futrell HON
13. Alex Martin HON
14. L Kilbarger HON
15. A Catanzaro HON
16. H Clements HON
17. Nico Izzi HON
18. K Keylon SUZ
19. H Hewitt SUZ
20. R Zimmer HON
250 Lites East Points

Justin Barcia 69
Blake Baggett 65
Dean Wilson 60
Ryan Sipes 54
Blake Wharton 51
Jason Anderson 41
Matt Lemoine 35
Malcolm Stewart 34
PJ Larsen 33
L Vincent 33
Alex Martin 28
Hunter Hewitt 17
Ian Trettel 16
L Kilbarger 16
T Futrell 13
Les Smith 11
A Catanzaro 11
C Gosselaar 10
Nico Izzi 10
S Rife 9

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