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Moving up from the Lites class to the full time 17 rounds in the premier 450 Supercross class is a big step for any racer. Making it a double whammy, Kyle Regal is also going from Privateer Status to a full Factory Sam Manuel L & M Yamaha ride.

Kyle rode a few 450 Supercross rounds last season, when he wasn’t racing in the Supercross East Coast Lites, but it was this summer Kyle really gained momentum on the 450, finishing ninth in the series final standings.

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Angela: Kyle, we are a few weeks until the beginning of the 2011 Supercross season, how is this last month leading up to the new season going for you?

Kyle Regal: I got on a new bike and team, the Sam Manuel Yamaha Team, so I have been very busy training, testing, and just getting the bike dialed in and putting the needed time into my program, on and off the track.

A great team to get a ride with, with Larry Brooks as Team Manager – how does it feel?

Kyle: I am pretty pumped about it, and considering where I came from, it feels great to have made this move to the team. I was on the privateer Honda last season, so it is different than what I was doing, going from Privateer to a Factory team. The research and development that they have is crazy and I am just looking forward to the upcoming season and doing the best I can.

I am putting in a lot of training and over the next two weeks I am going to be putting in even more. Then I will back it down, relax and it will be great to get back and visit the family for the Christmas holiday back in Michigan. That is where I am originally from, Howell, Michigan, that is where I was born but I was raised in Fowlerville, and now I am in California. So, after a few days with the family, I will get back to my fitness program until we get to A1.

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How about your mechanic, a key person to your program, how are things ‘under the tent’?

Kyle: Chris is good guy and I am happy with my mechanic. We both like to golf, so that is cool and when it comes to everything Supercross and MX, Chris knows his job and does it well. He is a great mechanic. He has the bike running great, he knows the bike, and runs the pit board perfect, so I am excited for this new season to start.

Are you riding and training with any other guys or anyone from your team?

Kyle: Right now, I am mainly riding and testing out at the L & M track, which is directly behind the Yamaha track. But I have done some laps on the Yamaha track with all the other Yamaha teams. James Stewart has come out to the track twice and it was good to ride with him and everyone from the team. I have learned a lot in a short period of time, so I am extremely grateful.

What about your training off the bike?

Kyle: I am working with one guy Josh and he is from Gold’s Gym. He is really good and a former Marine, so he is kind of gnarly but that is exactly what I was looking for – a real tough person because the challenge is just what I need to push me in the right direction.

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Looking back at this past AMA National Motocross series, you had some good results and some not so good. How would you sum up your summer of racing?

Kyle: Yeah, this summer I had some inconsistencies, not mainly on my part but dumb stuff was happening that was out of my control. We had a couple of mechanical issues and then some stuff that should never happen, like hitting a photographer during a race. I did not score points on a few of the rounds but with some good results and a podium at Freestone and Millville, that put me in the top ten overall, so I am pretty happy about the end results.

You had a very close encounter with a photographer, where did that happen?

Kyle: That was up at Washougal and happened during our practice qualifiers. It was a total bummer because the prior weekend I was on podium at Spring Creek and then I did not even get to race Washougal.

I am sure you have a good group of people supporting you, who do you want to thank for that support?

Kyle: I want to thank those people who have been behind me since
the beginning, my parents and friends back home. And to Larry Brooks for giving me the biggest opportunity I could ever have, I am very
thankful. Sam Manuel Yamaha, Western Power Sports, Fly Racing, Arai,
Gaerne, and I have a couple of new sponsors, Spy, DC and Red Bull is
stepping up big. And to everyone else who has helped me get to this
stage in my career, I couldn’t be happier.

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