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When a new year begins, many people feel it’s a good time to start doing something they have been putting off the previous year. Whether it be to do something for themselves (like loose weight or start working out or read that new book!) or to do something for another (be a better sister, brother, father, mother, friend), a New Year’s Resolution is a perfect time to set that goal you want to accomplish!

2010 can be a fresh start, and new beginning for all.

Soooo, …. I tried to communicate with as many people in the industry as I could, to get their New Year’s Resolutions – in less than one hour! And whoever took the time to write me back (and your answers are below), THANK YOU!

When your done reading them, feel free to add your own! I would love to read them!!! Chime in!


Sebastien Tortelli – former multi time World Motocross Champion, ChampFactory:

I don’t have any crazy resolutions for 2010. Mine are simple – get ChampFactory MX School on the map, and help more kids.

Supercross 2010 - Preview Part 4 (Kinda') - Photo 1 of 14 Sebastien on Honda, 2002

Davi Milsaps – Honda Red Bull Racing Factory Rider, former East Region Supercross Champion:

To quite cursing, and limit my Starbucks visits to two times a month.

Supercross 2010 - Preview Part 4 (Kinda') - Photo 2 of 14 Davi on Suzuki, 2005

Tyla Rattray – 2008 MX2 World Motocross Champion, Pro Circuit Team rider:

Keep fighting, … till the end.

Supercross 2010 - Preview Part 4 (Kinda') - Photo 3 of 14 Tyla Rattray

Jeff Emig – former AMA Supercros & Motocross Champion:

To cut down on my swearing. Especially around my kids! I kinda’ have a potty mouth …

Supercross 2010 - Preview Part 4 (Kinda') - Photo 4 of 14 Jeff Emig

Greg Albertyn – former multi-time World Motocross Champion, AMA Motocross Champion:

Make some serious money to dig myself out of this terrible real state market. HA HA funny, but true.

Supercross 2010 - Preview Part 4 (Kinda') - Photo 5 of 14 Greg, LA Coliseum 1997

Eric Geobers – 5-time World Motocross Champion, Manager Teka Suzuki World Motocross:

I have more than one New Year’s resolution, the sequence of importance (after number 1) keeps me thinking for a while …

1. Health and education of my daughter (age 6) and son (age 11).

2. Best efficiency in our team work to get the world championship title in MX1.

3. Finish off my lifetime dream – cozy up in the house by the lake before the season starts.

4. Have a great time at the races with my friends and colleagues.

Supercross 2010 - Preview Part 4 (Kinda') - Photo 6 of 14 That’s Eric on the far left, 2003 Anaheim Supercross

Travis Pastrana – Supercross, Motocross, X Games, Rally, and now – Daredevil! : )

My 2010 New Year’s Resolution is to spend more down time with my family and friends at home … and maybe I’ve got a few surprises up my sleeve : )

Supercross 2010 - Preview Part 4 (Kinda') - Photo 7 of 14 Travis Pastrana 2002

Tony Cairoli – three time World Motocross Champion, including current MX 1 Champion:

For 2010 I am going to have fun with the new adventure in my life with the new KTM group!

Supercross 2010 - Preview Part 4 (Kinda') - Photo 8 of 14 Tony Cairoli

Mike Metzger – The Godfather of Freestyle:

Not sure what my New Year’s Resolution would be other than to stay healthy and ride more often.

SX/MX Media Guru (big time supercross / motocross TV producer):

Spend 100% less time in hospitals than I did in 2009.

Jeff Ward, 7-time AMA Supercross & Motocross Champion, multiple time SuperMoto Champion, AKA “Wardy”:

My 2010 New Year’s Resolution is to return messages faster. I’m starting today!! Happy New year!

SX/MX Media Guru Jr.:

Sleep more, fix my car, and learn to write Excel macros.

Casey Johnson:

To become a better gardener and farmer. My tomatoes are huge!

Mercedes Natvig Gonzales 5 times womens MX champion:

Stay fit so I can chase my kids around, whether it’s when they are doing sports or when they are running from me after they get in trouble 🙂 JK! Definitely ride more motocross! Don’t get out on my bike enough! Try to stop gravity from pulling on my body!

Ryan Newton:

To go beyond the call of duty to make 2010 a success!

Tommy Hahn:

My New Years Resolution is to stay healthy and safe year.

Supercross 2010 - Preview Part 4 (Kinda') - Photo 9 of 14 Tommy winning at the Delmont Steel City National MX

Donny Emler, Jr. of FMF:

Have a Muscle Milk body like Jeremy Malott and make people squirm like super agent Travis Clarke.

David Bailey – multi time AMA Supercross / Motocross Champion, Hawaii Ironman Winner:

Spend more time with my parents. I have a list of things, but that’s at the top and nothing else matters much anyway if that bond isn’t good.

Supercross 2010 - Preview Part 4 (Kinda') - Photo 10 of 14 David 1983

Ricky Johnson – 7-time AMA Supercross / Motocross Champion:

Get my knee fixed “again” on Jan 12. After that I resolve to ride at least one day a week. Riding moto is my first love and I miss her A LOT …..

Supercross 2010 - Preview Part 4 (Kinda') - Photo 11 of 14 Rick, 1983

Crystal Yang – Event Publicity ESPN:

To continue maintaining a healthy lifestyle – eating well, exercising, and constantly trying new activities like white river rafting, pilates, etc.

Jeremy Albrecht – Manager Gibbs Toyota Yamaha Racing Team:

Mine is to spend more time with the family. I always put work first and need to be better at keeping them equal.

Supercross 2010 - Preview Part 4 (Kinda') - Photo 12 of 14 Jeremy at SurferCross

Jamie Little – ABC/ESPN Commentator, former Supercross TV Commentator, and avid motorcyclist:

To work out more, move back to Las Vegas (from Charlotte) and to pace myself better during the NASCAR racing season.

Supercross 2010 - Preview Part 4 (Kinda') - Photo 13 of 14 Hey! J Little!

Mike Mason Freestyle Master:

Drink more beer and eat less Del Taco.

Denny Stephenson:

Watch less TV and spend way less time on Facebook!

Michael Sleeter:

To not spread myself so thin with work and do what I do best! Ride and develop motorcycles!

Lex V:

Eat more donuts. Lots of donuts – jelly, creme filled, sprinkled, glazed, chocolate covered ….. and convince Starbucks to deliver to my house & office. I’m working very hard on both. Anything is possible!

And last but not least MINE!:

To run the Disney half marathon, spend more quality time with friends and family, and learn to delegate occasional tasks without the “if you want something done right you have to do it yourself” mentality.

Supercross 2010 - Preview Part 4 (Kinda') - Photo 14 of 14

I don’t drink and talk and text while driving anymore. Promise! : )


Post your New Year’s Resolutions here Friends in our Message Boards!!!

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