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Sunday at ESPN's Navy Moto X World Championships - Photo 1 of 4

It’s Day 2 of the first annual Navy Moto X World Championships, featuring six disciplines of racing – Supermoto, Best Trick, Step Up, Speed & Style, Supercross, and Freestyle. This is a special event, branding moto to the masses a la ESPN X Games style on live TV. (Photos and videos below.)

Katie Moses of ESPN talks about the first Navy Moto X World Championships and what goes into making it happen

(She said this clip can be over 30 seconds!)

Another beautiful day in San Diego, probably around 90 degrees. The first final of the day – Step Up!

Step Up started at 26 feet. Five riders competing for the Gold Helmet – Ricky Carmichael, Jeremy Stenberg, Tommy Clowers, Matt Buyten, and Ronnie Renner. Stenberg decided to save himself for the Freestyle competition later in the day, so he pulled out of the competition. The remaining four riders all made it at 26 feet.

Next, the bar was raised to 29 feet. The first to clear it – Ricky Carmichael – easily! Then Clowers cleared it. Then Buyten cleared it. Then Renner cleared it.

Next, the bar was raised to 31 feet. RC goes first, and clears it. Tommy Clowers had two chances to clear it … but wasn’t able to, being eliminated.

Now the bar is at 33 feet. RC clears it no problem. Buyten clears it. Then Renner clears it.

The bar is set now at 35. Although so far these final three riders have been clearing the bar easily, the landing afterwards from that height is …. brutal! RC was up first – he cleared the bar … but he did fall on the landing. And the judges declared that even though he cleared the bar, with not being in complete control on the landing (and wacking his chin really hard), the jump didn’t count. Plus, the fall was hard enough that RC had to pull out of the competition.

Next at 35 feet, Buyten, and he did not clear it on his first attempt. And he did not clear it at his second attempt. Ronnie Renner did not clear 35 feet on his two attempts. So, now it’s a sudden death between those two riders – they get to re-attempt at 35 feet. Buyten’s first attempt – he hits the bar. Renner now has a chance to win the Gold Helmet if he can clear the bar at 35 feet. He hits the bar off.

So, they move the start area back a few feet to give the riders another chance at clearing 35 feet, and, Buyten clears it on his first try! He IS the winner of the 2008 Navy Moto X Step Up!

Step Up Final Results:

1. Matt Buyten – 35′

2. Ricky Carmichael – 33′

3. Ronnie Renner – 33′

4. Tommy Clowers – 29′

5. Jeremy Stenberg – 26′

Next: The Supercross Race! It’s four heats, each with four riders, the top two go directly to the main, the other two go to the LCQ. Heat 1 featured Travis Pastrana, Troy Adams, Josh Hansen, and Antonio Balbi. Josh Hansen wins, but Travis Pastrana came from last to block pass Adams in the final corner to claim second and transfer to the main.

The second heat – Nick Wey, Broc Hepler, Ryan Clark, and Justin Brayton. It’s Brayton first! Hepler second, with Clark and Wey going to the LCQ.

Supercross Heat 3 – Josh Demuth, Kevin Johnson, Eric Sorby, and Joe Oehlhof. It’s Sorby, Johnson, Demuth, and Oehlhof.

The fourth heat – Heath Voss, Jason Lawrence, Jiri Dostal and Gavin Gracyk. Jason Lawrence wins easily, with Jiri Dostal finishing second.

The top two from the LCQ transfer into the main, and it’s Nick Wey winning, with Gavin Gracyk second.

Now, it’s time for the Supercross Main Event! It’s a ten lap main event. At the end of the first lap, it’s Broc Hepler in the lead. Jason Lawrence fell, and was in last. Josh Hansen was running second, Pastrana was in fifth. At the halfway point, it’s Hepler in first, Nick Wey second, Justin Brayton third, Travis Pastrana fourth, and Hansen fifth. Lawrence pulled off the track.

The final results! Hepler wins, Wey second, Brayton third, Hansen fourth, Pastrana fifth!

Broc Hepler practicing before winning the Supercross Main Event

Supercross Final Results:

1. Broc Hepler

2. Nick Wey

3. Justin Brayton

4. Josh Hansen

5. Travis Pastrana

6. Gavin Gracyk

7. Kevin Johnson

8. Jiri Dostal

9. Jason Lawrence

10. Eric Sorby

Then, the last Final of the day – Freestyle. It came down to two riders at the end – Jeremy Stenberg & Nate Adams. And the winner of the Gold Helmet in Freestyle – Nate Adams!

Nate Adams talks about being the ‘star’ of the 2008 Navy Moto X World Championships by ESPN, and his winning Freestyle run

Freestyle Final Results:

1. Nate Adams – 93.8

2. Jeremy Stenberg – 92

3. Jeremy Lusk – 90

4. Mat Rebeaud – 88.4

Nate Adams won the ‘Evel Knievel Most Outstanding Rider’ of the weekend, in winning the Speed & Style, and Freestyle. With it, he also wins a Harley Davidson motorcycle.

You’ll see our photos below, which include: Two photos of Saturday’s Best Trick winner Scott Murray, an Aprillia from yesterday’s SuperMoto, SuperMoto winner Mark Burkhart jumping at about 100 mph on the pavement, Travis Pastrana’s two-stroke bike, Joe Oehlhof, Travis Pastrana, Justin Brayton, Travis again, Gavin Gracyk, Heath Voss, Eric Sorby, Josh Hansen (on a Suzuki!) and Jason Lawrence two times. Two photos of Ricky Carmichael clearing 35 feet, RC’s fall on landing, and Step Up winner Matt Buyten. Josh Hansen, Justin Brayton, Broc Hepler taking checkered in supercross, Hepler two more times, Justin Brayton, Jason Lawrence on the line, Lawrence in action, Nick Wey twice, Travis Pastrana taking the finish in supercross, and star of the weekend Nate Adams. Photography Kevin E., Bill Q. Click on thumbnail to view larger image.


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