The family of Broc Streit are the recipients of the first ever Ray Lang Good Neighbor Award, an award established for the families that attended the 2009 Air Nautiques AMA Amateur National Motocross Championships at Loretta Lynn Ranch in Hurricane Mills, TN. The award is designed to honor those who embody Ray Lang’s characteristics at the ranch. Lang, who passed away during the 2008 running of the event, was known as a good neighbor to those who raced with him.

The winning essay nominating the Streit family was written by Rae Ann Niebel, whose family has made the trip to Loretta Lynn Ranch with the Streits several times over the years.

“This is awesome,” Streit, who raced the 450 A and 4 stroke classes, said. “I think it’s definitely an awesome award. It’s something to look forward to. It’s good you have good friends out there in the motocross family. They should keep on doing the award.”

Niebel’s essay detailed the years the two families had helped each other, including their 2009 visit, which included situations such as the Streit’s truck getting stuck in a ditch, to the Niebel’s forgetting their pit board. The families have shared meals, water bottles and encouraged each other through their years at Loretta’s.

“They’ve just always been there if we needed help with a bike or if Broc needed help with a bike we were there for them,” Niebel said. “We’ve been at the tracks together and no matter what we always helped each other. I thought they were a great candidate for the award. It just started the first day at Loretta’s and when I found out about that essay I thought about what happened and wrote it all down.”

Because of Niebel’s essay they will be able to continue being neighbors at Loretta’s in 2010 with a free electrical hookup and side-by-side spots for their motorhomes.


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