The final race of the Motocross season was bitter sweet as we say goodbye to another year of incredible racing action. Steel City Raceway, located in the beautiful state of Pennsylvania, was the site of the last race and after an exhausting trip across the country I was extremely excited to see how this Motocross story would end. With two remaining titles still left to be determined there was plenty of anticipation for the final flag to drop and declare the titles for the women’s and the 250 class as well as the final points for all the racers. One special note, the last race of the season was dedicated to raise money to Cure Breast Cancer with a variety of ways to donate; silent auction, raffle tickets, cupcakes, and wristbands; our great Motocross community pulled together and ultimately raised $20,000!

Steel City Raceway: My take on the 250 MX Top Ten - Photo 1 of 12

The racing conditions at Steel City were much better than the last few races, making the final Moto’s of the 250 class a real battle for positions. After a mechanical DNF and some bad luck at the last race, Christophe Pourcel really needed to pull off a miracle to earn back those lost points and regain that lead. Unfortunately for Christophe, not even his overall wins in both Moto’s would be enough to surpass the points lead over Ryan Dungey; Christophe would end the season in second place, just 11 points behind the new 250 Motocross Champion.

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After a hard fought season Ryan Dungey would come away the 250 winner at Steel City. He didn’t need a win but just to finish off in a good spot and that’s just what he did with a 2-2 finish. Not only did Ryan earn the Championship title but he will also be the captain of Team USA riding a 450 as we get set for the Motocross of Nations. Check out my Interview with the new 250 Champion Ryan Dungey!

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Brett Metcalfe’s results at Steel City weren’t his best finish this season but his overall points and great work all season long was the key to Brett’s 3rd place in the series.

Steel City Raceway: My take on the 250 MX Top Ten - Photo 4 of 12

Earning three overall wins this summer helped Jake Weimer grasp a 4th place on the series. It was a slow beginning but Jake really made up for lost points after Thunder Valley; ever since he’s been on fire earning points and showing us all why he is now a part of Team USA

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He carried his victory over from Moto-X 338 and put himself back on the podium at Steel City Raceway. Justin Barcia earns another 3rd place podium in his first Moto of the day but gets 13th in Moto 2. Justin’s first full year of Professional Motocross earned him a 5th in the series.

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This summer the 250 class had its share of rising stars on the track. One bright Great British star who was in the top 10 most of the season was Tommy Searle. Tommy results this summer were pretty consistent but he was only on the podium a handful of times, three to be exact, but the rest of the time he was almost always within the top ten. With those kinds of steady results it’s no wonder that Tommy finished out the season in 6th place.

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Holding on to that 7th place for the last four rounds, Broc Tickle completes the season much improved from last year. In the last race of the season, Broc had a decent start but feel back before the 1st lap and had to work hard to finish in 11th place. With another mid-pack start in Moto 2 Broc had to move quickly and make some passes to get to 9th and that’s where he maintained it until the checkered flag. Broc didn’t miss a race this entire summer; he fought hard in every Moto, and put his bike in the top ten almost every weekend while gaining valuable experience. Tickle was 14th in the 08′ MX season so he is moving in the right direction, nice work Broc!

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Blake Wharton had another good day at the races earning a 3rd place overall on the day making this his 2nd time on the podium this Motocross season. At the close of Steel City Raceway, Blake’s overall Motocross Nationals point’s standings earned him a nice 8th place finish. Last year Blake raced the last three Nationals and earned a few 4th place finishes and was 25th in the standings; this year he came back and got his first podiums, got a 2nd overall at Washougal, and yes he had some tough races, but Blake didn’t miss a Moto and finished the season in style.

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Tyla Rattray made the move to the USA to race the Motocross Nationals this year. Rattray didn’t miss a beat coming right out at Glen Helen with a 3rd overall. He would continue along that path riding good races and earning points until a hand injury that would take him out for 3 rounds of racing. Tyla went out in 5th and would come back to finish the season in 9th. It was round 11, MotoX-338 when Tyla would get his first and only win this season. Going into the last race of the season things looked good but during the morning qualifiers Rattray was hit by another rider and went to the ground grabbing for his knee unable to get up right away. Tyla did line up for Moto one and struggled to finish in 21st and by Moto 2 he had decided to call it a day and season. This South African rider definitely made this series interesting and I can’t wait to see what’s next for Tyla!

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Trey Canard, who was injured at Round 4’s High Point Raceway, was on hand at Steel City to watch the last race of the season. I did catch up with Trey and asked him about that arm injury; he told me ‘things are going good and he is feeling just about back to normal and is ready to get back to training for Supercross. That’s great news and I am looking forward to seeing Trey back in action soon! Even though Trey didn’t race the entire series, he did earn a handful of points placing him in 13th place.

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Both Kyle Cunningham and Matt Lemoine came to Steel City tied for point teetering on that 10th place in the series. It was Matt who would earn a 13th over Kyle’s 16th overall and that three point difference was all it took to move Lemoine in the top ten at the final checkered flag.

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One quick note about the Women’s MX class: The Women’s Motocross class also crowned its Champion at Steel City and it was an unusual ending to say the least. Ashley Fiolek came into the last race with a good lead on the points and thankfully because with a twist of fate she broke her collarbone in the first Moto and luckily still managed a seventh place finish. Ashley opted out of Moto 2 which gave her nearest competitor, Jessica Patterson a nice chunk of points. Jessica did win both Moto’s and earned the overall at Steel city but she was still five points shy of making this a way different story. It’s pure genius that Ashley was able to continue the race even after she had broken her collarbone; this is one super tough girl and I am looking forward to seeing more from the entire women’s class in the future. For all your Women’s Motocross info check out


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