Updated March 8h. Team Dunlop has begun announcing riders on www.teamdunlop.com until Lake Whitney kicks off to celebrate its 2010 roster of national sponsored riders.

These 18 top amateur racers and future stars are carefully selected by Dunlop race staff based on race results, rider character, hometown region and OEM brand. These riders represent Dunlop Tires at AMA national amateur racing competitions and many other events across the country. All 18 Team Dunlop National riders receive the highest level of support available from Dunlop for amateur racing activities and are viewed as role models for the thousands of Dunlop support riders from all across the nation. Being a part of the Team Dunlop National squad also offers riders the opportunity to be featured in national Dunlop advertising campaigns throughout the racing season. They each have their own rider profile pages on TeamDunlop.com with photos, video, and results.

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Adam Cianciarulo #92

Hometown: Port Orange, FL

2009 Bikes / Classes: Kawasaki KX 65 & 85 (85 12-13)

2010: Kawasaki KX 85 (85 12-13, Supermini)

Adam started riding a motorcycle at age 3 and hasn’t stopped since. Even at such a young age, it quickly became his passion and something he knew he wanted to pursue in the future. Adam has enjoyed much success throughout his 10 year career. Winning Loretta’s in 2005, at age 8 ,is Adam’s most exciting and memorable moment. There have been many other highlights for Adam over the years which include: Most Outstanding Rider at the World Grand Mini’s, The Fox Bronze Boot, double titles at Loretta Lynn’s in both 2007 and 2009. Each of Adam’s 64 titles is important to him and his racing career. Even though training becomes more intense, as the stakes get higher in the older classes, Adam is driven by his love for the sport and his desire to win. It is his dream to continue riding and racing professionally in the years to come. The thought of being on the starting gate at Anaheim 1 puts a huge smile on Adam’s face.

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Sean Cantrell #37

Hometown: Newbury Park, CA

2009 Bikes / Classes: KTM 65 (7-9)

2010: KTM 65 (10-11), Suzuki 85

Last year was great for Sean! He was in the 7-9 65 class on his KTM. Sean trained hard and his hard work paid off with titles at Oak Hil, World Mini’s, and Loretta Lynn’s. He also made All-Stars in baseball and soccer. Sean says school is very important to him and he’s proud to be on the honor roll. This year he’s very excited to be riding his Thousand Oaks PowerSports KTM 65 again in the 10-11 class as well as being on the Rockstar Suzuki amateur team on his 85 Suzuki. Sean’s very proud to be apart of the Dunlop team again this year, it is a great program with great friends. Goals for 2010? To remain on the honor roll at school and continue training hard hoping that it will help him win a few more Nationals!

Here are the next two members of the 2010 Team Dunlop National Team.

Chase Sexton #486

Hometown: La Moille, Illinois

2009 Bikes / Classes: Polini 65 (7-9)

2010: Cobra 65 (10-11), Yamaha 85 (9-11)

Chase Sexton will be competing in the 65 10-11 class on his new Factory Team Cobra and in the 85 9-11 class on his Rockriver Powersports Yamaha in 2010. He’s very excited to be on the Dunlop team again with the awesome support received and new friends made last year. Winning the 7-9 65 class title at the Mini Olympics was Chase’s pick for best moment of 2009. Recently, Chase has begun training with Trey Kelly in South Carolina. It’s a long haul from Illinois but he is loving it. Winning championships and having fun are Chase’s goals for this season. In his free time, Chase enjoys riding bmx, wrestling, and snowboarding.

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Jordan Bailey #133

Hometown: Orlando, FL

2009 Bikes / Classes: KTM 50 & 65

2010: KTM 65, Kawasaki 85

2009 was a record breaking year for the rider from Orlando, Florida, Jordan Bailey. In his young career, Jordan he has won 20 National Titles including two Loretta Lynn Championships. Jordan, with the support of his family and sponsors, looks forward to a Blessed 2010.

Amanda Maheu #51

Hometown: Clinton, Utah

2009 Bikes / Classes: Yamaha YZ 85 (Girls 9-13 Women 12 + and Supermini)

2010: Girls 11-15, Women 14+ Supermini and Schoolboy

Dunlop's 2010 National Sponsored Riders - Photo 4 of 5

Amanda started racing at the age of 7. She raced locally until 2005 when she attended the WMA cup at the Cycle Ranch in Floresville, TX. In 2008 she qualified for Loretta’s in the Girls 9-13 class and took third overall her first time at the ranch. 2009 was a great year for Amanda, she trained hard and remained focused. She won her first national title at Lake Whitney in the Girls 9-13 class, placed second at Oak Hill and went 1-1-1 in the Girls 11-15 class at Loretta Lynns. This year she will be competing in the girls, womens, supermini and schoolboy classes on her Rock River Powersports, Dunlop, Fly, Roost mx Yamaha’s. Amanda also plays softball and volleyball and has made the all stars in softball four years in a row. She’s very honored to be on the Dunlop team and looking forward to the 2010 season.

Stilez Robertson #325

Hometown: Bakersfield, CA

2009 Bikes / Classes: Cobra 50 (Junior)

2010: Cobra 50, KTM 65

Stilez has been racing since he was 2 years 9 months. He started racing quads and progressed to dirt bikes. At 4 years old he was awarded three quad championships and one motocross championship. California Motorcycle Association named Stilez 50cc Quad Rider of the Year in 2006. Starting in 2007 Stilez focus was Motocross. During 2007 Stilez raced numerous Southern California series along with 2 motocross nationals. As a four year old Stilez qualified for Loretta Lynn’s in both the 4-6 Shaft class and the 4-6 AMA Stock 1 class. During 2008 Stilez attended 5 motocross nationals. The most notable was placing 5th place at Loretta Lynn’s in the 4-6 AMA Stock 1 class as a five year old. With this accomplished, Cobra Motorcycle signed Stilez to their National Team. During 2008-2009 season Stilez won 12 Amateur National Championships. Stilez recently went to the Amateur Open of Motocross in Arizona to see where his speed was on the new bike. Stilez walked away with 3 more titles. Next on Stilez schedule is to head to Texas for the Spring Nationals!

Tanner Stack #382

Hometown: Oak Grove, MO

2009 Bikes / Classes: Kawasaki 65 & 85

2010: Kawasaki 65 & 85

Over his career Tanner has won 6 national titles and numerous podiums. He currently trains with Nario Izzy and Ronnie Tishner in Georgia. Tanner feels blessed to be apart of Team Green and Team Dunlop this year. Recently, Tanner won the golden Olympiad this year in Florida. His favorite track is Vegas, and he plans on riding all the big Nationals in the 2010 season.

Jace Owen #401

Hometown: Charleston, Il

2009 Bikes / Classes: Suzuki 85/105

2010: Suzuki 85/105

Jace’s nickname is ‘Lil Bro’. He is fifteen years old and lives in Charleston, Illinois. He loves motocross and his racing number is 401. Jace started riding a motorcycle when he was four and began his racing career doing flat track. His favorite amateur national is Loretta’s, and his favorite trick is the Whip. His sponsors are Rockstar Makita Suzuki, Dunlop, Factory Connection, FMF, Shift, JMS, Smith, and all other sponsors that come with Rockstar Makita Suzuki. When he is not competing, Jace likes hanging out with friends, playing X-Box, road biking, BMXing, playing basketball, and working out. He tried snowboarding for the first time just a week ago and loved it! He has been training in southern California this winter and feels that it has been really good. Jace’s most notable championships were at the Mini O’s this past year when he won five championships, two Olympiads, and was then awarded the Fox Bronze Boot. His favorite quote is: “Hard work beats talent not working hard”.

Dakota Alix #37

Hometown: Jay, VT

2009 Bikes / Classes: Suzuki & Honda 85

2010: Suzuki & Honda 85/Supermini

Dakota has been working with Colleen and the MTF crew for two plus years now and has been on a rather steep learning curve. We will be looking for him to continue on this path for some time and hope he continues to be a threat in the coming nationals. Dakota had a respectable second place run in the supermini outdoor, and his first title in the supercross.

Kade Walker #51

Hometown: Waldo, FL

2009 Bikes / Classes: Yamaha 85

2010: Yamaha YZ 85 & Supermini

Kade started racing just before his 4th birthday. The first couple years he raced in a Hare Scramble series while he lived in Canada. When Kade was 6 his dad changed his program to Motocross. Exactly 2 years later he competed at his first Loretta Lynn event. Kade went to a public elementary school until grade 3, when his travel schedule forced him to change to a home school program. He’s currently in the 7th grade. He has two favotie tracks. First, Waldo Motorsports who support him and actually change the track for him when he needs it modified for upcoming events. Also Oak Hill – He likes the track design, preparation and the soil is the best. Chad Reed is his favorite rider for more reasons then he can count. Kade will be involved in the following races this year: Daytona SX (Amateur Day), Lake Whitney AMA Amateur National, Oak Hill GNC Amateur National, Mammoth AMA Amateur National, Loretta Lynn’s AMA Amateur National, TransCan (Canadian National Championship), FIM World Junior Championship, MX Des Nations (Support Classes), Bercy SX in Bercy, France and Mini “O”‘s AMA Amateur National.

Alexander Frye #28

Hometown: Huntington, MD

2009 Bikes / Classes: KTM 85

2010: Suzuki 85 (12-13)

How did you get started racing? “My Dad bought me an XR-50 when I was four. I went to my first race at age six. I got smoked! My Grandma bought me a KTM 50 Pro Senior and I didn’t race again until I was seven.” In 2006 Alexander qualified for the Loretta Lynn Amateur National Motocross Championship in the 50cc 7-8 Class. It was his first national ever and he finished 10th. The following year he went back to Loretta’s and won the 65cc Stock 7-9 with an impressive 1-1-1 moto score.

His favorite racing moment? “Anytime I am winning (LOL). Seriously it would be the title I won at Loretta’s on the 85 mod, with a moto score of 1-2-1. I had just dislocated my shoulder the week before at Ponca’s and I was worried that I had messed up my chance to make some noise in Tennessee.”

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