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This short video will show you the status of a few people living today with Spinal Cord Injuries. If you have a heart, it will touch you, along with giving you some insight into what it’s like to live with spinal cord injuries. Not just for the injured person, but their entire family.

But there is more to this story! Progress is being made! And ultimately, this story could end happily – with a real treatment, and someday, a cure for spinal cord injury.

Certainly, motorcycling enthusiasts know of the dangers of racing and riding, and of the injuries of ‘stars’ like myself (David) and Ernesto. But believe me, there are many, many more people that are suffering from spinal cord injuries every day, with the biggest cause being automobile accidents.

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And in coming series articles, we will share with you the progress being made in the scientific area of spinal cord research, and a coordinated place where you can make a difference.

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