Hey – wanted to share with you some things that I think have really been improved, and are very well done for us media-types.

I’m going to talk about MXSports. They’ve done three things this year that as far as I know, no one else has ever done in our sport.

And it helps us to help spread the word about the sport, do a better job of promoting it, and hopefully it gives you more information that you might of known about.

First – this is the first year that anyone, and in this case, it’s MXSports, has sent to the media a fantastic quality Video News Release of their events. Just like the big-time, ball and stick sports do!

The videos are very well done, and, in improving with technology, the quality of the video is really great.

Second – they send out a tremendous amount of data that helps people like us (media) to share with you, and help tell a better story about the event.

It’s very informative! Who’s won at the track being used that weekend before? Who’s been a first time winner there? Which brand has won the most races there?

We feel our job is to get the word out about the races as best as we can. And what does that do? Hopefully it makes you want to get out to the races and watch! Buy a program! Get a t-shirt! And then maybe go out and buy a new bike during the week!

Here’s a perfect example – look at this page:


Towards the bottom, you’ll see all the statistical information provided to us by MXSports. And then look at the video – great production, great quality. Tells the story in a ‘news’ fashion …. again, just like big time professional sports do.

And the third thing – every Friday, before the day of the race, they’ve assembled various teams together to come into their Media Center just to interview with the media. The riders aren’t there to do anything else. It’s really nice. A lot of times, when you want to talk to a rider about something, they are just too busy, or on their way somewhere, or have another responsibility. This is a time specially set aside for the media, which helps us to help you.

We think it’s a win-win-win, and we’d like to acknowledge somebody and something when it’s well done.

Well done!


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