Free Style Motocross sensation Robbie Maddison, age 33, is redefining the term “adrenaline junky” with every new stunt he takes on. Featured in the new full-length film, On Any Sunday: The Next Chapter, is Maddison’s latest sanity-defying stunt: the jumping of the Nordic Ski long jump in Park City that was originally built for the Salt Lake Winter Olympics in 2002.

Maddison, teaming up with Skullcandy and Red Bull Media House on the project, took 2.5 years setting up the jump. With the ramp being built for Olympic-level skiers, it sits at a dropping -10 degrees, but the team setting up Maddison’s jump built in a special load-in ramp raising the take off up to 0 degrees. Still not much, but very significant for the nature of the jump.

When Maddison shot off the ramp and began flying down the 18 ½-story drop (185 feet, a new world record), he was clocked at 71mph. While the speed at the time of landing wasn’t tracked, the overall distance of the jump once Maddison successfully landed was 114 meters (374 feet)!

For Robbie Maddison, these kinds of stunts are always a risk. But the feeling that comes in pulling it off is a huge takeaway.

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