I thought it would be cool to interview one of Rookie Pro sensation Vicki Golden‘s sponsors. I enjoy seeing new names pop up giving support to the riders and especially when these companies are supporting the WMA Pro MXGirls!

I was able to catch up with Scott Hart from CRFSTUFF.com for a little grill session!

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MXGirls: Tell me about your company and how long you have been in business, along with a quick history of your motocross background / interest.

CRFSTUFF.com: The idea for CRF STUFF came about back in 2004 while sitting around the camp fire after a day of desert riding a few years ago. At the time I was general manager of a popular automotive performance parts & accessory company that focused on exceptional customer service and development of innovative parts based on customer input. My riding buddies kept bugging me about developing some parts and starting a business that specialized in parts exclusively for the HONDA CRF models. After 25+ years in the automotive industry, I was kind of getting burned out, so I decided to cash in some of my retirement and start CRF STUFF!

The CRF is far and away the most popular off road competition bike on the planet and there a bunch of companies already doing a great job of providing upgrades for the CRF’s. So we decided to focus on niche high end parts that either weren’t currently available or were difficult to source. Our first product and our most popular is our 280mm Factory Team Replica big brake kit. We spent 2 years developing that kit and finally opened up for business in the fall of 2008.

My first real race bike was a 1976 HONDA CR 125, the original “Red Racer”! Prior to that I had a hand me down XR75 that was worn out, but it still ran decent and was a lot of fun. I was 14 at the time and Marty Smith was in his heyday. Every kid on a dirt bike wanted to be him and with the CR 125 I was one step closer! I quickly became a top level intermediate rider at NW area tracks like Washougal, Mountain View, PIR, etc and raced consistently from 1976-1982 when I got out of college. My favorite bike during that time was the 1980 CR250R. I loved that bike! I also enjoyed desert racing and trail riding. Even rode trials for awhile. I got out of racing for almost 15 years and when I began to realize that I was in pretty poor shape from riding a desk all week long, I thought I’d get back into riding and racing to help keep in shape and de-stress. I have been riding consistently for the past 6 years and lovin every minute of it.

MXGirls: What sparked your interest in sponsoring Vicki Golden?

CRFSTUFF.com: Two things. 1st since Washougal is right in our back yard, we always go to the nationals and a few years ago, we got to see some really exciting women’s racing. For whatever reason, It’s been our experience that the Women’s pro class provides more of what we like to watch……… a lot of lead changes, passing and bar to bar action!

2nd, Miki Keller, founder of the Women’s Motocross Association and Darrel Saldana of Wonder Warthog Racing were both instrumental in getting CRF STUFF involved in working with the WMA. Miki rides at one of our local tracks and we’d always run into here and hear about new up and coming riders. We met Darrel at the Seattle SX this year and he also felt that becoming involved in the WMA would be good for us. Working with Vicki, really has been a “Golden Opportunity” (had to work that in here somehow!) for CRF STUFF. Her approach was plain and simple and we liked that. Vicki has a reputation for putting in the necessary work to be competitive at the pro level and her results speak for themselves. I’m confident we’ll see the red number plate on her bike more than once this year!

MXGirls: Have you seen Vicki race in person?

CRFSTUFF.com: No, and we can hardly wait for the Washougal national so we can. I will say that since we hadn’t heard of her prior to when her mechanic / manger Ben Hertel contacted us for brakes, we poked around on the internet a bit and found a few videos of Vicki racing and we were very impressed with what we saw. She has a confident and natural riding style that is pure pleasure to watch.

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Vicki Golden at Hangtown 2009 Photo By: Carl Stone

MXGirls: Do you have a new outlook on women’s motocross since your rider Vicki Golden has given CRFStuff.com so much podium time?

CRFSTUFF.com: We’ve definately developed a new passion for the WMA and we are grateful for the advances that have come this year with the increased television coverage and races being held on the same day as the men’s events, however we are a bit disappointed that some of the mainstream media in our sport still give the WMA 2nd billing by delaying coverage of WMA results and stories etc.

MXGirls: Do you feel any benefits to supporting women racers vs. the men?

CRFSTUFF.com: Right now, sponsoring a top level WMA pro is a great marketing and PR opportunity as the sport is experiencing phenomenal growth and increased popularity among motorsports enthusiasts. The cost to sponsor a WMA athlete is a fraction of what it costs to sponsor one of the top 10 guys, yet the exposure is still pretty good. You better hurry up, I don’t think it’s going to stay that way long!

MXGirls: What is your best advice for up and coming WMA riders to pick up sponsors?

CRFSTUFF.com: Spend some time to professionally develop your riding resume including professional photography, some video content and if you have the time and resources put together a Face Book fan page or get set up on Twitter, where you can keep fans and sponsors informed with what you’ve been up to etc. Sponsors look at results, but they also want to know who they are working with, so it’s important to have a personal feel to your resume. Once you do get sponsored, it’s very important to keep in communication with your sponsors. We want to hear how the race was etc, etc. Ben and Vicki do a great job at this. It’s not unusual for us to get a text message from Ben during Vicki’s motos at the nationals. That means a lot to us and really makes us feel like our support is valued! (And keeps us interested in continuing to be a sponsor)

I hope you enjoyed the awesome insight that Scott from CRFSTUFF.com shared with us! Now, I couldnt think of a better way to introduce GEICO Powersports Honda Vicki Golden to you then recommending you to take a couple minutes and watch this awesome video of Vicki Golden out at Perris Raceway from PanicRev.org, Matt Francis met up with her while she was out putting in some laps, training for the next WMA race in Colorado this weekend!

Shop Talk with Vicki Golden's Sponsor CRFSTUFF.com - Photo 3 of 3

Click on image to view video of Vicki Golden

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