The West Coast Lites season started with a win from the #19, Jake Weimer. Jake rode fast and took that momentum into Phoenix where he got another heat win and advanced to the main. Unfortunately a few seconds lost in the sand section knocked Jakes lead into sixth place. Weimer fought back and worked his way up to fourth.  Now back at Anaheim, after two rounds of Supercross, I caught up with Jake to see how he’s feeling and what’s new ~
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Angela: Alright, Jake, here we are at Anaheim 2, your second in the points coming into Round 3 of the West Coast Lites Series, how are you feeling about going into tonight’s race?
Jake: I feel good and my confidence is high, I am healthy and I had a good week so I am looking forward to getting out there and putting in a good race.
A: Going back to Phoenix, there were some pretty heated battles out there, the track was really interesting with that sand section; can you tell us how you’re night played out?
J: My day was pretty good, I rode good all day and I came out with a win in my Heat race and was happy about that. I got the Holeshot in the Main and everything was going well and unfortunately I made a small mistake and went down in the sand. I had to pick it up and regroup and do the best I could and that was fourth.
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A: That was unfortunate to see you down; you had that Holeshot and you were leading it for 6 laps and then you were parked in the sand, what happened when you got to that sand section?
J:  I came into it a lot faster than I had been before and I hit this little roller coming up into the sand and it just through my balance off and the front end just plowed; it was pretty much over from there.
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A: That fall put you in sixth place and you came away with a fourth place finish, how did you manage that challenge?
J: Desire I guess, you get up, you try your hardest until the checker flag falls so I got up and did the best I could; unfortunately I made a small mistake but I got up and put my head down to the checkered flag. 
 A: Well, I’m glad you kept up the pace and made that fourth, now here we are at Anaheim 2; this track is definitely different, what are your thoughts?
J:  You know, we will have to ride it and see. It is what it is, it looks a little different and there’s going to be some tuff spots. It might be a little one lined but everybody’s got to ride it, so we will just have to get out there and see what happens.
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A: Jake, it’s great to see you on the Pro Circuit team; you’ve been working at this Lites class for a while now, but how does it feel to finally be in the position you are with this team?
J: It feels good, it’s always what I’ve wanted to do and I couldn’t be happier than to be on the Monster Energy Pro Circuit Team, it really is a dream come true. Everything is going really well and I am super happy with all the people around me, my trainer, and my team. Things are going really well so it’s been really exciting for me to improve every year and that’s good because it gives you such a feeling of hope that you keep trying and things will happen. It’s been fun for me to finally get to where I am, so close to winning and being up front every weekend, that makes it that much more fun to work hard and come to the races and know that you are going to run up front.

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A: You are riding with a great team, who are those people supporting you, working on your bike and getting you out on that track, ready to go Jake?
J: Obviously the biggest person behind the whole deal is Mitch Payton. He’s the one putting on the whole show and then there’s a great group of people that really make it happen. My mechanic Shaun is a great mechanic and I get along with him really well. Zach White helps us out a lot; and Bones who does the suspension, Huge Doug from Bridgestone is a huge part, and my trainer Randy. There’s so many people that it takes to make it all happen. Then you have all the guys at Kawasaki, Mike Fisher and then the list goes on and on, there are so many people and every one of them I like and get along with so that’s great.
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A: With that group  of people it’s no wonder you pulled off the first win of the season, take us back to Anaheim 1, you did start the West Coast Lites series off with a WIN Jake, how did that feel?

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J: It was great. It was bit of relief just because after getting hired on by Pro Circuit I came in knowing I had some shoes to fill. Last year with Villopoto being on the team, with him accomplishing everything that he had, someone needed to step up and you know I was riding the first round, Anaheim 1 so I felt some pressure that I needed to prove to myself. So it was nice to be able to come out and come away with the win, not only for myself but for my team as well
A: Well Jake, congratulations on that win and best of luck out there tonight!


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