Everyone said it could never be done. But Roger De Coster, Suzuki’s multi-talented Team Leader, and five time World Motocross Champion would not settle for ‘it could never be done’. With the injuries from the past two seasons taking a toll on the team, Roger decided to do what he does best – take matters into his own hands, and get Suzuki a well deserved 250 supercross win.

Roger debuted the brand new, top secret four-stroke Suzuki racing car here tonight at Denver International Domed Stadium & Field.

Says Roger ‘All my riders have been hurt – Travis, Sebastien, and Stephane. Last year it was Travis and Kevin. We’ve been under a great deal of pressure to perform here, and everyone has been trying to talk me out of retirement … but I just couldn’t do it. Then, Suzuki showed me the new four-stroke. It was like a dream come true. It’s so smooth, has so much power …. it’s like driving a car!’

Roger continues ‘I’ve always had racing in my blood, and wanted to win a race here in 2003. The four wheel drive really shot me out of the gate well, and then I stuffed everyone in the first corner. It’s hard for them to fit in that corner when being pushed by a 3000 lb car. Denver has always been good to me. Once I was out front, it was clear and smooth sailing. Around lap 10, I saw Carmichael and McGrath in my rear view mirror, but then I just floored it over the triple and pulled away. My mechanics have been working over time with a lot of testing, and my SoBe Suzuki was running great.’

Roger concludes ‘We scoured the rule book and saw that there were no rules against racing in an automobile, so me and my team decided to go for it. Once this supercross season ends, I’ll be attempting to win the Indy 500 on my scooter. I’ve got a neat fairing, and I put a new pipe on it. It hauls!!!’

More info later this evening ….

250 Main Event:

1. Roger De Coster

2. Jeremy McGrath

3. Harvey Saulenstein

Shocker - De Coster takes new Suzuki four-stroke to win in Denver! - Photo 1 of 1

De Coster on last lap heading towards the checkered flag and victory


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