Selvaraj Narayana, KTM North America’s Vice President of Racing & Events received the prestigious Life Time Achievement Award at annual the US Supercross Banquet at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, on Sunday May 5th.

The Life Time Achievement Award is presented to a person that has dedicated his or her life to the advancement and support of supercross.

Sel, originally from the country of India, has been involved in the American motocross scene since the 70s. He has been instrumental in creating many of the racing activities in the United States for KTM. Selvaraj is a true icon in supercross and motocross. He has contributed to, and loved the sport, and made many, many friends. His dedication and time he spent in his life and the event he attended and catered many riders. His dedication and passion is evident to all that know him, or have worked with him. And now with the Life Time Achievement Award, he is being recognized publically for all his years of service to the sport.

Something special to Sel – he is the man responsible for creating the hugely successful KTM Junior Supercross Challenge (KJSC).

Sel says passionately and humbly: “It was a joyful experience to watch the kids live a once in a life time experience for the past twelve years with KJSC. Riding in the supercross and giving so many kids their dream come true was KTM’s objective, and I am very glad that I am also able to share those dreams with them and their families.”

Sel says about his future: “Our direction is changing at KTM, especially with the global market, and exploring the opportunity for the growth of the industry as a whole. I am moving to a new potion and working with KTM Austria in exploring production in India for the Indian Market, as well as the Europen Street bike market. The next 5 years, I will be traveling quite a bit to see that all the projects are accomplished. I am confident our industry can share our passion together in motorsports for long time.”

Sel concludes: “Thank you Live Nation for recognizing me as part of their family as well. My goal was achieved. and I am so fortunate to have sp many friends in the industry, all with same passion I share. I will miss all of you. With generous gratitude, I thank all of you.”


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