Round 15

Supercross Results
1. James Stewart KAW    
2. Chad Reed YAM    
3. Ricky Carmichael SUZ    
4. Travis Preston HON    
5. Nick Wey HON    
6. Michael Byrne KAW    
7. Ivan Tedesco SUZ    
8. Kevin Windham HON    
9. Brock Sellards HON    
10. Heath Voss YAM    
11. Jiri Dostal YAM    
12. Josh Demuth HON    
13. Jacob Marsack YAM    
14. Josh Woods SUZ    
15. Kyle Lewis HON    
16. Doug Dehaan HON    
17. Jeff Dement SUZ    
18. Jason Thomas HON    
19. Greg Crator HON    
20. Jeff Gibson HON    
Supercross Points
Ricky Carmichael 316
Chad Reed 316
James Stewart 311
Ivan Tedesco 241
Nick Wey 234
Michael Byrne 228
Travis Preston 191
Ernesto Fonseca 125
Ryan Clark 116
Mike Larocco 108
Tim Ferry 108
Jason Thomas 99
Jeff Gibson 94
Tyler Evans 68
Jeremy Mcgrath 67
Kevin Windham 66
Mike Brown 63
Heath Voss 63
Jeff Dement 61
David Vuillemin 56
Supercross Lites West Results
1. Grant Langston KAW    
2. Ryan Villopoto KAW    
3. Jason Lawrence SUZ    
4. Brett Metcalfe YAM    
5. Mike Alessi KTM    
6. Ryan Morais SUZ    
7. Billy Laninovich HON    
8. Andrew Short HON    
9. Ryan Mills SUZ    
10. Adam Chatfield SUZ    
11. Kyle Partridge YAM    
12. Justin Brayton YAM    
13. Ryan Abrigo HON    
14. Rodrig Thain KAW    
15. Danny Smith HON    
16. Eric Nye YAM    
17. Richard Dietrich KAW    
18. Justin Keeney HON    
19. Eric Sorby HON    
20. Darcy Lange KAW    
Supercross Lites West Points
Grant Langston 161
Andrew Short 153
Ryan Villopoto 141
Mike Alessi 129
Billy Laninovich 125
Nate Ramsey 116
Brett Metcalfe 116
Paul Carpenter 89
Ryan Morais 75
Darcy Lange 64
Jason Lawrence 61
Justin Brayton 53
Jake Weimer 52
Sean Collier 49
Ryan Mills 47
Eric Sorby 47
Kyle Partridge 34
Ryan Abrigo 33
Jessie Casillas 33
Mike Sleeter 32

Qwest Field

Stewart inches closer by winning, Reed & Carmichael tied! Langston West Division champ!

Supercross Main Event: James Stewart did what he had to do, and what everyone else wanted to do: win. James won the 15 lap main event.

Chad Reed did just as well, getting second place, and moving into a tie with Ricky Carmichael for the championship points chase lead.

Ricky Carmichael had a poor start, but collected himself well enough to finish third.

The 2006 AMA Supercross Series Championship all comes down to the final race next weekend in Las Vegas. Ricky Carmichael and Chad Reed are tied with 316 points, and James Stewart is only five off the pace with 311 points!

Stewart said “I was a little nervous after practice because we didn’t get to ride again (because of the rain and wet conditions). If I win next week in Vegas, and these other guys have problems, I have a chance. I’m not giving up. I’m going to do my best.”

Reed said “You make a pact with yourself (before the season starts when training) to do your best and see what happens in Vegas. I’m looking forward to Las Vegas … it should be fun. I’m going to do everything within my power to win that thing (title).”

Rain played an important part on the day, shortening practice and creating havoc with the track. The Supercross main event was shortened to 15 laps instead of the normal 20 laps, and the Lites main was shorted to 12 laps instead of the normal 15. Lap times were over 1 minute on the muddy track.

Supercross Lites West: Grant Langston won the main event, and with it, Grant becomes the 2006 AMA Supercross Lites Western Division Champion! He won last year’s Eastern Division championship as well. Grant also won the AMA 125 National Championship in 2003, and the FIM 125 World Motocross Championship in 2000.

Ryan Villopoto finished second tonight, and Jason Lawrence was third. Andrew Short, who led the West series championship coming into tonight’s race, had an evening of heart break – he bobbled in the main event, going off the track, eventually finishing in eighth place.

Special event next Friday night in Las Vegas as well – the third annual Mini Moto Supercross at the Orleans arena in Las Vegas. We’ll have more info on that Monday morning.

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