Saturday at ESPN's Navy Moto X World Championships - Photo 1 of 2 Qualcomm Stadium, San Diego California

It’s Day 1 of the first annual Navy Moto X World Championships, featuring six disciplines of racing – Supermoto, Best Trick, Step Up, Speed & Style, Supercross, and Freestyle. This is a special event, branding moto to the masses a la ESPN X Games style on live TV.

Amanda introduces you to the action at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego

The day so far – fantastic – hot and sunny in San Diego! The first final of the day – SuperMoto!

The results in the SuperMoto final of Saturday:

1. Mark Burkhart YAM

2. Troy Herfoss KTM

3. Jeff Ward HON

4. Cassidy Anderson HON

5. Benny Carlson APR

6. Jason Conlon HON

7. Chris Fillmore KTM

8. Kurt Nicoll KTM

9. Brandon Currie YAM

10. David Pingree HON

Burkhart was definitely the class of the field.

Next up – the Moto X Best Trick Final. Blake Williams was the early leader with 90.4 points, but then, Scott Murray busted out a double back flip take over the lead! His score – 95.8! Todd Potter was next up, scored a 90.8. Next up, 2007 X Games Gold Medalist Kyle Loza. Thomas Pages moved into second next with 92.6.

And the final results:

1. Scott Murray YAM – 95.8

2. Thomas Pages SUZ – 92.6

3. Todd Potter HON – 90.8

4. Mat Rebeaud – KTM – 91

5. Blake Williams – HON – 90.4

6. Jeremy Lusk – YAM – 90

7. Nate Adams – YAM – 89.2

8. Niki Danielson – YAM – 87.6

9. Robbie Maddison – HON – 81.2

10. Brian Deegan – HON – 79.6

11. Kyle Loza – YAM – 77

12. Adam Jones HON – 71

Next up – Step Up Part 1 – five riders – Todd Potter, Jeremy Stenberg, Brian Deegan, Robbie Maddison, and Ricky Carmichael! The top two finishers will compete in tomorrow’s final against previous X Games Gold Medal winners.

They started the bar at 22 feet in height. Then 24 feet. Then 26 feet. Then 28 feet. Then 29 feet!

Carmichael cleared the bar by at least five feet when it was at 29. He and Jeremy Stenberg move on to tomorrow’s final against all the previous X Games Gold Medal winners in Step Up.

1. Ricky Carmichael 29 feet

2. Jeremy Stenberg 28 feet

3. Todd Potter 28 feet

4. Robbie Maddison 28 feet

5. Brian Deegan

Next up – the brand new event – Speed & Style. Speed & Style is something new to the Navy Moto X World Championships, and it could very well be the star event of the entire weekend. Two riders will start side-by-side, and head into their own individual lanes. One lane is 100% racing, while the other lane adds some freestyle sections. After the first lap, riders must change lanes, which means each rider will complete one lap in each of the lanes. The rider’s score is based half on total time of the two lap event, and half the score is based on freestyle performance.

Unfortunately, fan favorite Travis Pastrana was eliminated in his first run – he fell in the first corner, and was unable to make up enough time in a two lap sprint.

In the final two pairing of Speed & Style, it was Ronnie Renner vs. Nate Adams for the Gold Helmet. The winner? Nate Adams wins the Gold Helmet with 94.5 score!

1. Nate Adams

2. Ronnie Renner

3. Jeremy Stenberg

4. Kevin Johnson

5. Mat Rebeaud

6. Kenny Bartram

7. Travis Pastrana

8. Mike Mason

You’ll see some photos below, which include: start of SuperMoto, Jeff Ward in SuperMoto, the dirt portion of the tracks at Qualcomm Stadium, KTM Racing Director Kurt Nicoll, SuperMoto winner Mark Burkhart (twice), Amanda on site, Moto X Best Trick Final winner Scott Murray (twice), Ricky Carmichael doing Step Up (twice), Travis Pastrana falling in the first corner of his Speed & Style race, Travis Pastrana doing the freestyle portion of his Speed & Style race after he remounted, and Speed & Style winner Nate Adams. Photography Bill Q.


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