Round 4

Supercross Results
1. James Stewart KAW    
2. Ricky Carmichael SUZ    
3. Nick Wey HON    
4. Michael Byrne KAW    
5. Chad Reed YAM    
6. Tyler Evans SUZ    
7. Travis Preston HON    
8. Jeff Gibson HON    
9. Ryan Clark HON    
10. Jason Thomas HON    
Supercross Points
Ricky Carmichael 92
James Stewart 90
Chad Reed 82
Nick Wey 61
Michael Byrne 58
Mike Larocco 55
Ivan Tedesco 51
Ernesto Fonseca 48
Travis Preston 47
Jeremy McGrath 44
Lites Results
1. Nate Ramsey KTM    
2. Brett Metcalfe YAM    
3. Mike Alessi KTM    
4. Jason Lawrence SUZ    
5. Ryan Mills SUZ    
6. Ryan Villopoto KAW    
7. Billy Laninovich HON    
8. Paul Carpenter HON    
9. Ryan Morias SUZ    
10. Marco Dube YAM    
Lites Points
Nate Ramsey 79
Billy Laninovich 74
Andrew Short 71
Grant Langston 69
Ryan Villopoto 64
Brett Metcalfe 60
Mike Alessi 57
Paul Carpenter 49
Jake Weimer 39
Jessie Casillas 33

SBC Park

James Stewart wins mudfest, Nate Ramsey takes home his second Lites Main.

James Stewart captured the muddy 12 lap Supercross main event tonight. After an epic battle with Ricky Carmichael, James was able to make the pass on lap 10 and take home the win.

Ricky Carmichael showed incredible determination in the main event. After suffering a so-so start, he was able to reel in James Stewart and pass him on lap 9. After going back and forth and eventually losing his goggles, Carmichael would finish 2nd.

Nick Wey was stoked to take home the 3rd and final poduim position. After taking the holeshot, Nick rode to a smart 3rd place finish.

Chad Reed had a horrble start but was able to work his way back up to 5th.

Nate Ramsey showed his mud riding skils and took home the 8 lap Lites Main event tonight. Brett Metcalfe had great speed in his heat race and was able to transfer that into a 2nd place finish in the main event. The holeshot went to none other than Mike Alessi. Mike grabbed his first podium of the year and finished third.

Notes: Extremely muddy conditions tonight. Because of the weather, there was no daytime qualifiers. The Lite’s main was cut down to 8 laps, and the Supercross Main was cut down to 12 laps.

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