Round 7 – San Diego CA – February 19

250 Main Event Results
1. Chad Reed YAM    
2. Ricky Carmichael SUZ    
3. Mike LaRocco HON    
4. David Vuillemin YAM    
5. Kevin Windham HON    
6. Seb Tortelli SUZ    
7. Michael Byrne KAW    
8. Heath Voss YAM    
9. Travis Preston HON    
10. Jeremy McGrath HON    
11. Damon Huffman HON    
12. Tyler Evans SUZ    
13. Erick Vallejo YAM    
14. Joseph Oehlhof HON    
250 Point Standings
Ricky Carmichael 167
Chad Reed 138
Mike LaRocco 119
Kevin Windham 116
David Vuillemin 101
Seb Tortelli 94
Ernesto Fonseca 93
Michael Byrne 89
Heath Voss 81
Nick Wey 73
Damon Huffman 57
Tyler Evans 56
Jeremy McGrath 42
Travis Preston 35
125 West Main Event Results
1. Nate Ramsey KTM    
2. Ivan Tedesco KAW    
3. Andrew Short HON    
4. Billy Laninovich HON    
5. Thomas Hahn HON    
6. Paul Carpenter KAW    
7. Jay Marmont KTM    
8. Eric McCrummen HON    
9. Brett Metcalfe YAM    
10. Justin Keeney KAW    
11. Chris Gosselaar SUZ    
12. Steve Lamson HON    
13. Tim Weigand HON    
14. Ryan Morais SUZ    
125 West Point Standings
Ivan Tedesco 127
Nate Ramsey 91
Billy Laninovich 82
Andrew Short 79
Danny Smith 77
Brett Metcalfe 69
Ryan Sipes 67
Tommy Hahn 65
Jay Marmont 64
Ryan Morais 53
Chris Gosselaar 51
Steve Lamson 44
Josh Woods 40
Tim Weigand 38

Qualcomm Stadium

Reed response …

Chad Reed won a very exciting race for Round 7 in San Diego. He passed Ricky Carmichael on the last lap to win his first main event of the year.

Carmichael took over the lead on the first lap from Jeremy McGrath. RC extended his lead initially, and looked headed towards another win – predictable for this season. But, Reed broke with the predictability of this season, staying very agressive, and started closing on Carmichael in the second half of the race. Reed made the pass on Carmichael during the last lap, and kept it until the checkered flag. Reed and Carmichael were so far ahead of the rest of the field they lapped up to third place. Carmichael did bobble a few corners from the end, but still placed second. Those two riders had the crowd on their feet for the last few laps of a very exciting main event – flash bulbs were going off everywhere.

Reed was pumped. He took a victory lap, stopping at different places along the track, waving at the crowd, smiling, and enjoying the win.

The 125 West division had Nate Ramsey winning the main event over early leader Ivan Tedesco. Tedesco would finish second, with Andrew Short finishing third. Ramsey was enthusiastic on his parade lap after winning, revving the four-stroke KTM as he stopped on the face of the triple, pumping his fist in the air, and pointing to the KTM logo on the gas tank.

Weather had an impact, but not so much on Saturday night’s racing. Rainy weather lead to Friday practice being cancelled, and Saturday’s practices being delayed. But only a small amount of rain came Saturday afternoon and evening, and the night’s racing program had no rain.

Ricky Carmichael had to go thru a semi to make the main. He was leading his heat, and crashed, eventually pulling off. He came back to win the semi, and then heading to the main.

Television: February 20 – 12pm Eastern – ESPN2 – San Diego

Next event: February 26 – Atlanta GA

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