Round 1 – Sacramento CA – May 22

250 Results
1. Ricky Carmichael SUZ 1 1
2. Chad Reed YAM 3 3
3. David Vuillemin YAM 2 4
4. Travis Preston HON 4 5
5. J. Laansoo HON 5 8
6. Michael Byrne KAW 9 6
7. Ernesto Fonseca HON 12 7
8. Heath Voss YAM 10 9
9. Kevin Windham HON 21 2
10. J. S. Roy HON 14 10
11. Josh Dement   13 11
12. James Stewart KAW 6 DNF
250 Point Standings
Ricky Carmichael 50
Chad Reed 40
David Vuillemin 40
Travis Preston 34
J. Laansoo 29
Michael Byrne 27
Ernesto Fonseca 23
Heath Voss 23
Kevin Windham 22
J. S. Roy 18
Josh Dement 18
James Stewart 15
125 Results
1. Grant Langston KAW 2 1
2. Mike Brown HON 3 2
3. Broc Hepler SUZ 1 5
4. Ivan Tedesco KAW 8 3
5. Josh Grant HON 7 6
6. Danny Smith YAM 12 7
7. Paul Carpenter KAW 13 8
8. Akira Narita   10 11
9. Mike Alessi KTM 6 15
10. Matt Walker KAW 38 4
125 Point Standings
Grant Langston 47
Mike Brown 42
Broc Hepler 41
Ivan Tedesco 33
Josh Grant 29
Danny Smith 23
Paul Carpenter 21
Akira Narita 21
Mike Alessi 21
Walker, Short 18

Prairie City SRVA

Carmichael sweep … Langston wins thriller

Ricky Carmichael: perfect start of the 2005 outdoor season for him – he dominated both motos racing the Suzuki RM 450 four-stroke for the first time. Dominated – no one was even in the same zip code as him.

Chad Reed: fell in practice, hit his head pretty good. He finished second overall via moto finishes of 3/3, on a Yamaha 450 four-stroke.

David Vuillemin: third overall. Moto finishes were 2/4, also on the Yamaha 450 four-stroke.

Travis Preston: fourth overall, finishes of 4/5.

Kevin Windham: involved in a crash during the first moto, eventually finished 21st. Second moto finished second.

James Stewart: probably a day he’d like to put past him. Sixth in the first moto after crashing. Pulled off in the second moto while feeling light-headed from the heat. DNF.

Grant Langston: overall 125 champion for the day. This guy is in good shape. Came back to finish second in the first moto after stalling his bike. Won the second moto, which was one of the most exciting finishes in AMA history. Grant worked past Mike Alessi for the lead midway in the second moto, then crashed. He charged all the way back into second, and had a distant chance at Alessi for the lead as the race was winding down. He caught Mike on the final corner of the final lap, the two collided and fell, with Langston getting up first to win the race and the overall. Somewhat bittersweet – Grant was injured in the crash, dislocating his left ankle. We’ll know more tomorrow as to what his prognosis is.

Mike Brown: second overall in the 125 class with motos of third and second. He charged hard on the new Honda ride, and looks to be in great shape as well.

Broc Hepler: third overall in the 125 class. He won the first moto, and had fifth in the second race.

Mike Alessi: finished sixth in moto one. Led much of moto two. Much to be proud of. However, when he and Langston crashed together in the final corner before the checkered flag in race two, Mike couldn’t get his bike started, or push it up the face of the finish line jump, and ended up with a 15th place finish.

The weather: warm, over 90 degrees.

The crowd: hard to say how many people exactly tonight, but we will find out the exact number later. Suffice to say – it was packed!

Average lap time: 2 minutes 45 seconds.

The track: awesome. The Hangtown/Dirt Diggers crew does an excellent job.

We will have a photo feature online late tomorrow (Monday).

TV: May 28 – OLN TV – 3pm Eastern Time

Next event: May 29 – Mt. Morris PA

Chad Reed, Travis Pastrana, Kevin Windham, and Jeremy McGrath Pennants.

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Sacramento CA - May 22 - Photo 1 of 4 Sacramento CA - May 22 - Photo 2 of 4
Sacramento CA - May 22 - Photo 3 of 4 Sacramento CA - May 22 - Photo 4 of 4

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