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#5 Ryan Dungey Victory Lap Budds Creek


As the gates dropped at Budds Creek on 450 Moto one, it was the JGRMX team up front with Justin Brayton taking the Motosport.com Holeshot Award. Red Bull/KTM’s Ryan Dungey and Muscle Milk/Honda rider, Trey Canard forced the issue very quickly to make their way into the two and three spots.

As Dungey began to put the pressure on Brayton for the lead, Canard snuck up to make the pass for second. Canard also made his way by JGRMX’s Justin Brayton, with a pass on the outside to take over the lead.

As Dungey made his by Brayton, Roczen followed to fill in just behind Dungey. Roczen made quick work of Dungey by jumping by him around the outside. After Roczen made it by Dungey, he set his sights on chasing down the forty-one of Trey Canard. The young German rider was able to make his way into the lead, shortly before the halfway point, making his way by Trey Canard.

Heading into the second half of the Moto Dungey was also able to make his way by Canard, to put the number five back into second position. As Tomac pushed to close the 6 second gap between himself and Canard, James Stewart was also able to close in on the back tire of Tomac.

As the final laps of the Moto closed in, Ryan Dungey closed the gap on Roczen. Unfortunately time ran out for former champ, Ryan Dungey and Ken Roczen was able to walk away with the Moto win. Ryan Dungey claimed second, while Trey Canard took the final podium position.

In Moto two it was the Red Bull/KTM of Ryan Dungey that led the pack into turn one, capturing the Motosport.com Holeshot award.

However, Ken Roczen was able to make passes quickly to put his KTM into the number two spot with over twenty-five minutes to go. Canard was also able to make his way by Josh Grant, to put himself into third position.

After some bad luck on and off the track in the past weeks, Stewart had finally put his Suzuki back into the top five and began closing on Canard. Stewart was able to get by Canard, but Canard was quick to strike back. Canard’s pass back on Stewart seemed to discourage Stewart and allowed the number three of Eli Tomac to close in on the number seven.

Tomac was also able to make a clean pass on Stewart, to move into fourth, with sights set on Canard. Tomac set himself up to make the pass on Canard with over ten minutes left on the clock, but, Canard managed to hold off all attacks from the number three.

With three minutes left on the clock, Tomac managed to find away around Canard and put his Honda into third. Around the ten-minute mark, Roczen was holding a twelve second lead over third position. But in the closing laps of the race, Tomac was able to close in on the back tire of Roczen.

Ryan Dungey led the entire Moto to capture the Moto win and the overall victory at Budds Creek. Ken Roczen went 1-2 to take second overall. Unfortunately time ran out for Eli Tomac, but he managed to finish out Moto two in third to take third overall on the day.

In the 250 class, Justin Bogle was the first rider to cross the Motosport.com Holeshot line, stealing the holeshot award from Christophe Pourcel.

Jason Anderson was on the move early, after pulling the fastest qualifying time in timed practice. He managed to get by Pourcel quickly to put himself into second, with sights set on Bogle. Both 2014 Supercross champions had found their way in to the one and two spots, with Bogle leading the way.  However, neither of these riders have won a motocross race yet this year or been able to find much success in the series.

Anderson was also quick to strike on Bogle and successfully made the pass for the lead on his way through the mechanics area. As Jason Anderson began to put some time between himself and the rest of the pack, the series points leader, Jeremy Martin and Christophe Pourcel set sail to battle over third. Jeremy Martin was able to get by the Frenchman to move into third around the halfway point.

Jeremy Martin stretched it out to make the pass on the GEICO/Honda of Justin Bogle, to take over second position. As Martin set sail to chase down Anderson, Blake Baggett was able to get by the three-seventy-seven of Christophe Pourcel and Eastern Supercross Champion, Justin Bogle, to put himself into third.

With two laps to go, Blake Baggett caught sight of the current points leader, Jeremy Martin. As Baggett closed in on Martin, Martin was able to close in on Anderson, making it less than a two second gap from first to third.

Jason Anderson was able to hold on to the lead to take the first ever motocross win of his career. Jeremy Martin also held on to second to take home some valuable championship points. Unfortunately for Blake Baggett, time ran out for him to fight his way through the pack but still managed to pull off a third place finish.

Heading into Moto two, it was the series points leader, Jeremy Martin who captured the Motosport.com Holeshot award.

After a mediocre finish in Moto one, Cooper Webb was on the move, putting himself into the number five position early. However, Blake Baggett was also on the move and a little further ahead than Webb. Baggett managed to get by Moto one winner, Jason Anderson, in a hurry to put himself into third. Webb also made his way by Anderson, to chase down Baggett and the series points leader, Jeremy Martin.

With twenty minutes left on the clock, Jeremy Martin held a three and a half second lead over Pourcel, as Baggett and Pourcel set to fight over second position.

Around the halfway mark, Baggett was able to get by Pourcel, with a small mistake from the Frenchman. Blake Baggett managed to close the six second gap on Martin. With only five minutes remaining on the clock, Baggett was able to get the power to the ground, through the rollers, and make the pass on Martin for the lead.

Blake Baggett managed to pull off a fifteen second lead when the checkers came out, to take the Moto two win and the overall victory on the day. Not only did Baggett take the overall win for the day but his results moved him up to second in the championship standings. The series points leader, Jeremy Martin held on to second in both motos to take second overall on the day. And Jason Anderson captured his first ever motocross victory in Moto one and managed to finish out Moto two with a seventh place finish to take home third overall at Budds Creek.

Next week the series heads to the home of the Martin brothers at Millville Raceway in Millville, Minnesota for Round Eight of the Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross championship series.

1. Ryan Dungey (2-1)
2. Ken Roczen (1-2)
3. Eli Tomac (4-3)
4. Trey Canard (3-4)
5. Weston Peick (6-5)
6. Josh Grant (9-6)
7. Andrew Short (8-7)
8. Brett Metcalfe (7-11)
9. Phil Nicholetti (12-8)
10. Matt Goerke (11-10)

1. Blake Baggett (3-1)
2. Jeremy Martin (2-2)
3. Jason Anderson (1-7)
4. Christophe Pourcel (6-3)
5. Cooper Webb (5-4)
6. Justin Bogle (4-5)
7. Justin Hill (13-6)
8. Cole Seely (10-9)
9. Anthony Rodriguez (9-10)
10. Marvin Musquin (8-14)

1. Ken Roczen – 327
2. Ryan Dungey – 301
3. Trey Canard – 264
4. James Stewart – 212
5. Brett Metcalfe – 192
6. Josh Grant -186
7. Weston Peick – 162
8. Andrew Short – 161
9. Chad Reed – 132
10. Malcolm Stewart – 128

1. Jeremy Martin – 294
2. Blake Baggett – 267
3. Cooper Webb – 261
4. Justin Bogle – 225
5. Christophe Pourcel – 211
6. Jason Anderson – 206
7. Marvin Musquin – 201
8. Cole Seely – 166
9. Justin Hill – 150
10. Jessy Nelson – 144

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