This week the Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Series made stop number ten at Unadilla Raceway in New Berlin, New York. Ryan Dungey continues to close to gap on series points leader Ken Roczen with another win at Unadilla. Christophe Pourcel went 1-2 at Unadilla to claim his first win since 2010.

In the 450 class, it was the JGRMX boys, Justin Brayton and Phil Nicholetti, that led the pack into turn one.

Red Bull/KTM’s, Ryan Dungey, quickly made his way by Nicholetti and Brayton to put himself into the lead. The number ninety-four of Ken Roczen also made quick work of the Yamaha riders the put his KTM into second position. GEICO/Honda’s Eli Tomac pulled into third, just behind Roczen, set to spoil the outcome for the dominating KTM team.

After taking the fastest qualifying Oakley Bomb Award, Trey Canard pushed to make his way through the pack from a poor start. By the halfway point, Canard had managed to put his Muscle Milk/Honda into fourth position.

After going down with just under ten minutes remaining, Chad Reed pulled off into the mechanics area. Reed was unable to finish the race due to physical injury, after making his way into seventh position, just behind Brayton.

In the closing laps of the moto, Dungey was able to put some ground between himself and Ken Roczen, to take the moto one win.

In moto two it was JGRMX’s Justin Brayton who captured the Motosport.com holeshot award. Eli Tomac and Trey Canard were able to get out front in hurry. But it was the battles that took place behind the front runners that brought the fans to their feet.

As Roczen looked to make his way by the Yamaha riders of, Phil Nicholetti and Justin Brayton, Dungey looked aggressive just behind Roczen. The number five of Ryan Dungey made his way from sixth to third in the matter of two corners. Roczen followed, but, was not able to make the passes as quickly as Dungey.

Just before the halfway point, it was Canard who engaged Tomac in battle, making the pass for the lead. Tomac pushed to make the pass back, but, Canard was able to get back by in hopes of winning his first race since 2010.

With fourteen minutes remaining on the clock, Dungey began to close in on the rear tire of Eli Tomac, with Roczen just behind.

In the closing seven minutes of the race, it was less than a second between Canard, Tomac and Dungey. Incredibly, Canard was able to hold off all attacks. However, Dungey was able to make his way into second position by completing the pass on Tomac.

Dungey was unable to close the gap on Trey Canard, but, his 1-2 finish and overall victory closed the points gap to only seven points behind Ken Roczen in the championship standings.

After four years of battling through injuries and personal struggles, Canard was finally able to return to the top of the podium with the win in Moto two. His 4-1 moto finishes would earn him second overall for Round 10 at Unadilla.

The number three of Eli Tomac rode strong and consistently to take 3-3, earning himself third overall on the day.

In the 250 class, it was Christophe Pourcel who had a huge gap heading into turn one. Pourcel was followed by the Star Racing Yamaha boys, Cooper Webb and Jeremy Martin.

Red Bull/KTM’s Marvin Musquin was on fire after a successful weekend at Washougal, making his way by series points leader, Jeremy Martin. Just before the halfway point, Musquin was also able to make his way by Cooper Webb to put his KTM into second position.

After getting passed by Musquin, Webb allowed his teammate and series points leader, Jeremy Martin to close in on his rear wheel. Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki’s Dean Wilson also closed on the battle between Webb and Martin.

However, Cooper Webb went down with twelve minutes remaining on the clock, allowing Martin and Wilson to move into the three and four positions.

Making his way through the pack from a typical poor start, Blake Baggett was able to put his Kawasaki into the number six position, with five minutes remaining on the clock.

With two laps remaining it was the battle of the Frenchman, with Marvin Musquin trying to chase down the three-seventy-seven of Christophe Pourcel. Pourcel managed to hold off Musquin for the remaining laps of the Moto, to take the Moto one win and his first Moto win in four years. Despite his last minute attempt to make the pass on Pourcel, Musquin managed to hold on to second in Moto one. Series points leader, Jeremy Martin was able to minimize the damage by keeping Webb and Baggett behind him, and taking third in Moto one.

Heading into moto two, it was Christophe Pourcel who captured the Motosport.com holeshot award, once again. Jeremy Martin, on his Star Racing/Yamalube/Yamaha was hot on his heels in second position. RJ Hampshire managed to put himself into third position, out of the gate, in his first ever professional motocross race.

Unfortunately, with ten minutes remaining on the clock, disaster struck for Cooper Webb. Webb was forced to push his bike into the mechanics area and was unable to finish the moto, due to a mechanical malfunction.

However, for Webb’s teammate, Jeremy Martin, moto two turned out much more positive, as he made his way by Pourcel to take over the lead. Martin managed to put some ground between himself and the rest of the pack to hold onto the moto two win. Martin’s 2-1 was good enough to earn him second overall and continued to extend his points lead over Baggett and Webb.

Pourcel was able to hold off GEICO/Honda’s Justin Bogle, to take second in moto two and his first overall win in four years.

Marvin Musquin went 2-5 to claim the final podium position for the day at Unadilla.

Next week the series will head to Crawfordsville, Indiana for Round Eleven of the series. Ryan Dungey managed to close the points gap on Ken Roczen within seven points this weekend at Unadilla. With only two rounds remaining it will be exciting to see if Dungey can continue with his late season surge. Next week at Indiana, it will be interesting to see if Jeremy Martin can clinch the series championship, or if Blake Baggett and Cooper Webb will be able to keep him honest for the remaining two rounds.

1. Ryan Duney 1-2
2. Trey Canard 4-1
3. Eli Tomac 3-3
4. Ken Roczen 2-4
5. Justin Brayton 6-7
6. Andrew Short 5-8
7. Weston Peick 10-5
8. Phil Nicholetti 7-9
9. Brett Metcalfe 12-6
10. Fredrik Noren 8-10

1. Christophe Pourcel 1-2
2. Jeremy Martin 3-1
3. Marvin Musquin 2-5
4. Justin Bogle 5-3
5. Blake Baggett 6-4
6. Dean Wilson 4-6
7. Joey Savatgy 9-9
8. Chris Alldredge 13-8
9. Alex Martin 12-10
10. Shane McElrath 10-13

1. Ken Roczen (447)
2. Ryan Dungey (440)
3. Trey Canard (373)
4. Brett Metcalfe (280)
5. Eli Tomac (252)
6. Andrew Short (247)
7. Weston Peick (244)
8. James Stewart (226)
9. Josh Grant (218)
10. Fredrick Noren (159)

1. Jeremy Martin (422)
2. Blake Baggett (356)
3. Cooper Webb (348)
4. Marvin Musquin (329)
5. Christophe Pourcel (321)
6. Justin Bogle (310)
7. Jason Anderson (243)
8. Cole Seely (225)
9. Jessy Nelson (200)
10. Dean Wilson (176)
11. Alex Martin (176)

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