Ryan Dungey clinched the 2009 AMA West Supercross title Saturday night, in Salt Lake City, Utah, at the final West region round. Ryan rides for the Rockstar Makita Suzuki supercross team, and Supercross.com interview Ryan minutes after winning his championship.

Ryan Dungey, 2009 AMA West Supercross Champion: Interview - Photo 1 of 2

Amanda: Congratulations Ryan! Your first Supercross Championship! it must feel amazing!

Ryan: Yeah, I think the last time we talked was right before the big eight week break! And we got through all that and managed to end up here in Salt Lake with the championship! I’m so pumped! And I’m pumped for the whole team, our sponsors, my family, … man i just can’t thank people enough. I’m so happy we were able to pull off winning this supercross championship!

Amanda: Talk about the difference between this final race in Utah, and all the other races this 2009 supercross season.

Ryan: All this week was a a little bit more stressful than it has been. But you can only control so much, … I just left the rest up to God, and did everything I could to the best of my ability. It’s weird, i thought that it would be a very nervous ride tonight, but the whole week I kept thinking “Let’s just take this one race at a time like I have, and try my hardest not tho think about the championship – just to do my deal”.

I was able to keep my cool till I crossed the finish line. Then it was time to think about it all and take it all in. Which was really cool. It was such a big step and something I have worked so hard for. It wasn’t easy, and took so much hard work from so many people. And there were tough times getting here, … but it just makes it all that much better in the end.

Amanda: You still don’t look like you believe it really happened. Has it sunk in yet?

Ryan: I’m just hopping I don’t wake up from a dream! (Laughs) For 3 years I have been waiting for this moment, and to finally put it all together is a big step. And until the end, I believed I could do this.

Amanda: You seem very composed and mature about everything. How do you do it?

Ryan: The number one thing in my life is God. And if it wasn’t for Him none of this would be possible. I feel with Him in my life He puts me at ease … along with my family. We really all stayed strong as a team. All together and it’s been fun, … It really has been a great ride so far this year and I hope we can get many more of these championships!

Amanda: Was there any part of the race tonight where you were worried?

Ryan: I was bummed because i fell back into second place in the main, and really didn’t want to be behind someone. But I knew where I had to finish and that was anywhere in the top five no matter what Jake did. I would rather win the Supercross Championship than to win tonight’s race. The race win would have been nice, but really didn’t mean anything. I knew going into the race that I wasn’t going to do anything stupid to throw the championship away. So I ended up fourth. I had to double the triple the last lap, … I was avoiding landing on a lapper.

To prove this championship win to myself was a big step, and now I’m going to carry this momentum over into outdoors and stay solid, and keep doing it from the heart!

Amanda: When Jake Weimer passed you in the main, some people thought It may have gotten under your skin a bit.

Ryan: I knew where we all had to finish, …  but man do I have to give it to the Pro Circuit guys, Weimer and Morais, they put up a fight all year long. For our Rockstar Makita Suzuki team as well – coming out of the LCQ at the first race in Anaheim, … the mud race falling in the first turn, … but we didn’t let anything break us or get us down, … we did the best we could. And because of it we are number one – champions! And I can’t wait to enjoy this all with my family and the team. It feels good!

Amanda: Okay, now lets hear a shout out to your mechanic Mark! He kicked butt this season! (Laughs)

Ryan: Yeah! Mark! Every week my bike was solid! And that’s huge, because one mechanical or engine failure and there goes 25 points. Every timeI got on that bike I was one with the bike, … it always was solid. And always looked great! He’s the best! It’s been a great supercross season with him and I hope he enjoyed it as much as I did. It’s been so much fun!

Amanda: You need to get out of here and go celebrate, because you are the new West coast Supercross Lites Champ! How are you planing on celebrating?

Ryan: My friends and family are all going to head back to the hotel and celebrate! Let it sink in and enjoy it!


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