These are the latest rumors floating around the ‘moto’ industry. We’ve been hearing them so frequently, we think they might become true. Time will tell if they do …

It’s only the first of April, but all the teams are already making plans for 2005. Managers are scouting talent. Riders are looking at what’s available. Attorneys are working overtime. Budgets are being planned.

None of these rumors below have been confirmed. So, until any teams make any official announcements, these are just rumors. But our ‘inside’ sources tell us they are all true, and we are sharing the info with you.

Click on the thumbnails to view the larger images.

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Rumor round-up - Photo 1 of 3

Rumor #1 – RC to Kawasaki. The photos tell the story don’t they?

Rumor round-up - Photo 2 of 3

Rumor #2 – Chad Reed to Kawasaki. Who knew???

Rumor round-up - Photo 3 of 3

Rumor #3 – We think this is James Stewart testing a Honda – very top secret. Or is this Travis Pastrana???


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