Antonio Cairoli victorious in Germany! Extends World Motocross Championship points lead! ‘Hometown’ hero Ken Roczen, only 15 years old take MX2 Grand Prix overall victory! Includes video highlights!

MX1 Results
1. A Cairoli 2/1 YAM
2. Max Nagl 1/3 KTM
3. K de Dycker 7/2 SUZ
4. D Philippaerts 4/4 YAM
5. Josh Coppins 3/5 YAM
6. Clem Desalle HON
7. Tanel Leok YAM
8. Mickael Pichon HON
9. Aigar Leok TM
10. D Vuillemin KAW
11. M. Priem APR
12. J. Bill APR
13. L Leonce APR
14. Tom Church CCM
15. G Aranda KAW
MX1 Points

Antonio Cairoli 338
D Philippaerts 297
Max Nagl 293
Josh Coppins 274
Clem Desalle 268
K de Dycker 264
Tanel Leok 252
J Barragan 215
A Leok 139
D Vuillemin 137
G Swanepoel 130
B Mackenzie 103
Steve Ramon 100
M. Priem 95
G Aranda 91
MX2 Results
1. Ken Roczen 2/2 SUZ
2. S Frossard 1/5 KAW
3. M Musquin 6/1 KTM
4. Gautier Paulin 5/3 KAW
5. R Goncalves 7/4 KTM
6. D Guarneri YAM
7. Nic Aubin YAM
8. M. Schiffer KTM
9. X. Boog SUZ
10. J v Horebeek KTM
11. M Monni YAM
12. J. Nicholls KTM
13. D Verbruggen HON
14. A Boissiere
15. Petr Smitka KTM
MX2 Points

Marvin Musquin 324
Gautier Paulin 286
Davide Guarneri 264
R Goncalves 254
S Frossard 246
X Boog 197
Nic Aubin 187
Ken Roczen 164
M Monni 153
J v Horebeek 147
Joel Roelants 116
A Boissiere 115
L Larrieu 115
M. Schiffer 113
A Tonus 108

Teutschenthal – Talkessel Circuit

It’s the German Grand Prix of Motocross! And the MX1 win belongs to the World Motocross Championship points leader – Mr. Tony Cairoli!

Max Nagl is the ‘hometown’ favorite here in Germany, and he rode strong after an early season wrist injury – he finished second overall today. And Suzuki’s Ken de Dycker has regained his form as well, finishing third overall. will have Tony Cairoli’s own words about the race coming tomorrow in his column.

In MX2, another ‘hometown’ favorite has got to be Ken Roczen. Surprisingly, it’s been reported that Ken is only 15 years old! And his first MX2 Motocross Grand Prix was a few days after he turned 15 years of age – the GP of Portugal earlier this season. Ken won the MX2 Motocross Grand Prix of Germany today! He is the youngest winner ever of a Motocross Grand Prix! And Marvin Musquin maintains his championship points lead as the series head to it’s next event – the Latvian Grand Prix of Motocross – next weekend!

Ken Roczen said “I don’t know what to say; this is amazing for me. After my first two GPs I saw that the podium was possible. I always do my best and I hoped for a podium here, with a bit of luck, but didn’t expect the win. Musquin was going fast but I thought I could pass him. Towards the end I knew that second place would give the overall so I rode safe. All the attention has come quickly and it isn’t always easy to give people what they want but I try to do what I can!”

Images courtesy Youthstream, Suzuki, MXLarge, and others

Video News Highlights of the Motocross Grand Prix of Germany, courtesy Youthstream

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