Chad Reed wins 20 lap 450 Supercross Main event in Indy! Stewart and Reed tied on points heading to Daytona! Austin Stroupe wins 15 lap 250 East Supercross Lites Main Event!

450 Supercross Results
1. Chad Reed SUZ
2. James Stewart YAM
3. Mike Alessi SUZ
4. Josh Grant YAM
5. I Tedesco HON
6. B Coisy HON
7. D Millsaps HON
8. Michael Byrne SUZ
9. R Villopoto KAW
10. Tim Ferry KAW
11. Andrew Short HON
12. Matt Boni HON
13. Heath Voss HON
14. Ryan Sipes KTM
15. Josh Hill YAM
16. Nick Wey YAM
17. R Kiniry KAW
18. T Bowers HON
19. Broc Hepler YAM
20. K Windham HON
450 Point Standings

James Stewart 199
Chad Reed 199
Andrew Short 150
Josh Grant 138
R Villopoto 138
Ivan Tedesco 132
Davi Millsaps 116
Mike Alessi 113
Kevin Windham 112
Tim Ferry 98
Josh Hill 82
H Voss 59
N Wey 55
Ben Coisy 51
P Carpenter 46
Matt Boni 42
Kyle Chisholm 38
Michael Byrne 26
Josh Summey 24
Cole Siebler 23
250 East Results
1. A Stroupe KAW
2. C Pourcel KAW
3. N Izzi SUZ
4. B Jesseman KAW
5. S Clarke SUZ
6. L Kilbarger HON
7. D Blair HON
8. M Lemoine YAM
9. S Sewell YAM
10. K Keylon HON
11. V Friese HON
12. B Ripple HON
13. K Gills KAW
14. R Smith SUZ
15. W Hahn KTM
16. J Saylor YAM
17. T Wharton HON
18. Nicoletti HON
19. D Durham YAM
20. M Davalos KTM
250 Point Standings

Chris Pourcel 72
Nico Izzi 62
Austin Stroupe 57
B Jesseman 43
Wil Hahn 36
M Davalos 35
S Clarke 35
B Wharton 34
M Lemoine 29
D Blair 26
L Kilbarger 24
M Goerke 23
B Metcalfe 22
J Saylor 22
D Durham 19
T Wharton 19
V Friese 17
B Ripple 17
S Sewell 12
K Gills 12

Indy Supercross – Lucas Oil Stadium

The 450 Supercross Main Event? Once again, the top two riders in the world going at it! Chad Reed and James Stewart! Chad is the defending AMA/FIM Supercross Champion, and James has recently taken over the points lead with his seventh win in a row last weekend in Atlanta. Tonight – Chad comes out on top of the 20 laps main event, with James second. They are now tied on points with 199 each as they head to the Daytona Supercross by Honda next Saturday! Tonight was Chad’s first win of the season as well. Third place and final spot on the podium? Mike Alessi! His best finish of the season too! He was super-pumped to get his first podium in 450 Supercross ever!

Chad Reed said after his first Supercross race win of the season “I just needed to put myself in a good position and battle for it. James made a little mistake and I was able to sneak through. I might move to Indy … you guys (here) are awesome … I felt like I was in my hometown in Australia! And it felt good to get a holeshot. The holeshot was sweet.”

James Stewart said “I felt good. I made a few mistakes. Chad rode awesome and he deserves to win. That was the funnest, and hardest race I’ve had all year!”

The 250 East Supercross class 15 lap main event win went to Austin Stroupe. Team-mate and points leader Christophe Pourcel finished second, and maintains his points lead. Third place went to Suzuki’s Nico Izzi.

Notes: First Supercross race in the new Lucas Oils Stadium. Jason Lawrence, Thomas Hahn, Ryan Sipes, and Justin Sipes are all supposed to be racing in the 450 Supercross class, although Jason Lawrence ended up not racing because of the flu – very ill. This track was designed by Mike LaRocco. Fastest guys were running lap times just under 50 seconds. The crowd was just over 61,000.

Feature article on the 2009 Lucas Oil AMA National Motocross Series!

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