Chad Reed man on a mission – double moto victory in 450 Motocross at 40th running of Unadilla MX! Reed heading towards first AMA 450 Motocross Championship! Christophe Pourcel sweeps 250 MX, takes over points lead! Team USA for 2009 Motocross of Nations in Italy announced!

450 Results
1. Chad Reed 1/1 SUZ
2. Andrew Short 5/2 HON
3. Michael Byrne 4/3 SUZ
4. Justin Brayton 8/4 KTM
5. Davi Millsaps 3/11 HON
6. Gareth Swanepoel 7/6 KAW
7. Ivan Tedesco 6/8 YAM
8. Kyle Regal 10/5 YAM
9. Thomas Hahn 2/16 KAW
10. Tim Ferry 11/7 KAW
11. J Browne 9/9 SUZ
12. J Albertson 14/12 YAM
13. Nick Wey YAM
14. Weston Peick HON
15. Adam Chatfield KAW
16. R Marshall SUZ
17. A Balbi HON
18. T Bowers HON
19. Cody Cooper YAM
20. Jason Thomas HON
450 Points

Chad Reed 387
Andrew Short 305
I Tedesco 286
Josh Grant 272
Michael Byrne 245
Thomas Hahn 198
Justin Brayton 183
Nick Wey 163
Cody Cooper 162
M Alessi 142
Ricky Dietrich 136
J Albertson 131
Davi Millsaps 101
Jeff Alessi 74
Jarred Browne 72
Matt Goerke 71
Dan Reardon 68
A Balbi 67
Weston Peick 65
Tyler Bowers 63
250 Results
1. Chris Pourcel 1/1 KAW
2. Ryan Dungey 2/2 SUZ
3. Jake Weimer 3/3 KAW
4. Brett Metcalfe 4/4 HON
5. Broc Tickle 9/5 YAM
6. K Cunningham 6/8 KAW
7. Tommy Searle 10/7 KTM
8. Justin Barcia 7/10 HON
9. Matt Lemoine 14/9 YAM
10. PJ Larsen 13/11
11. Blake Wharton 5/28 HON
12. Austin Stroupe 34/6 KAW
13. Steven Clarke 16/12 SUZ
14. Darryn Durham YAM
15. Ben Evans HON
16. Ryan Sipes KTM
17. Alex Martin HON
18. Tommy Weeck KTM
19. Justin Weeks SUZ
20. Kevin Windham 12/21 HON
250 Points

C Pourcel 387
Ryan Dungey 381
Brett Metcalfe 287
Tommy Searle 268
Jake Weimer 255
Justin Barcia 235
Broc Tickle 227
Blake Wharton 214
Tyla Rattray 175
K Cunningham 162
Matt Lemoine 151
Trey Canard 139
Darryn Durham 134
Ben Evans 123
Max Anstie 107
Wil Hahn 94
Steven Clarke 89
PJ Larsen 74
Alex Martin 73
S Borkenhagen 63

Unadilla Valley Sports Center

450 Motocross Class: It was Chad Reed‘s day – he won both motos, and, barring any unforseen problems, the 2009 450 Motocross Championship is his …. Second place overall today – Andrew Short. Andrew had ‘moto’ finishes of fifth and second. Third overall on the day – Chad Reed’s Rockstar Makita Suzuki team-mate Michael Byrne with finishes of fourth and third. South African rider Gareth Swanepoel had a free weekend in the MXGP series, and finished fourth overall. Reed leads Andrew Short in the point standings, 387 to 305, with only three rounds remaining in the series.

250 MX Class: In the 250 racing, it was Christophe Pourcel‘s day as well! He won both motos too in the 250 class, and has retaken the points lead in that championship series. Ryan Dungey finished second overall with moto finishes of two/two. Pourcel now leads Dungey in the points chase by six points. Third overall today, with finishes of 3/3, Jake Weimer, who will be making his first ever appearance (along with Ryan Dungey) at the 2009 Motocross of Nations in October, in Italy. Brett Metcalfe went 4/4 for fourth overall.

Notes: Thomas Hahn has come on strong in this series, putting in some impressive rides, and beating a lot of ‘factory’ riders, he finished second in the first moto, but had some problems in the second moto. Gareth Swanepoel, from South Africa, and a regular MXGP rider, raced this weekend at Unadilla. He finished fourth overall! Kevin Windham raced in the 250 class. He finished outside the top ten in each moto. Josh Grant did not compete, and is likely out for the season, with foot/ankle/heel injuries suffered at X Games. Lap times averaged 2 minutes 20 seconds.

Round 10 of the AMA National Motocross Series will be next Saturday, at Budd Creek Motocross Raceway, in Budds Creek MD.

Last year at Unadilla in muddy conditions thanks to a mid-race thunderstorm, James Stewart held on to sweep both 450 Class motos and keep his undefeated streak alive en route to his first-ever premier class championship and the series’ third perfect season. In the 250 Class, Ryan Villopoto capped off a solid weekend, posting a dominant 1-1 performance on the way to his third consecutive title.

The US Motocross of Nations team that will be headed to the Red Bull Motocross of Nations in October in Italy has been announced by Roger De Coster – it’s Ryan Dungey, Jake Weimer, and Ivan Tedesco. Dungey will race the MX1 class, which features 450cc four-stroke machinery. Weimer will compete in the MX2 class, which features 250cc four-stroke motorcycles. Tedesco will race the MX3 class, the open class.

The 2010 Red Bull Motocross of Nations will be held in the USA!

Round 8 Series Statistical Report, before today’s event, courtesy MXSports:

* Chad Reed now has the most wins in the 450 Class with three, surpassing injured teammate Mike Alessi with his victory at Washougal.

* The win was Reed’s 42nd career AMA victory but just his fourth in AMA Motocross. The remaining 38 have come in AMA Supercross.

* As a whole, Roger De Coster’s riders have won 56% of the overall victories across both classes (9 of 16).

* Ryan Dungey remains the winningest rider in the series, capturing his fourth victory of the season at the site of his first career win in Washougal.

* Christophe Pourcel is the only rider in the series to finish on the overall podium at all seven races. His worst finish of the season came at Washougal with third overall. It is the first time he hasn’t finished in the top two.

* Dungey and Pourcel are in the midst of one of the most competitive championship battles in the history of the sport, deadlocked atop the 250 Class standings.

* All three points leaders currently have 337 points.

* Kevin Windham makes his 2009 motocross debut this weekend at Unadilla. He will be competing in the 250 Class, making the step down for the first time since 1997.

* Unadilla was part of the inaugural Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Championship season in 1972.

450 Class Stats:

* The first race held at Unadilla was July 16, 1972. Gary Jones would win on a Yamaha.

* This will be the 19th time the gate will drop for a 450 Class race at Unadilla.

* Only nine riders have won at Unadilla in 18 events.

* Kevin Windham, Ricky Carmichael and James Stewart are the only riders to win at Unadilla in both classes. Windham is the only past winner in the field for 2009.

* In 2005, Ricky Carmichael and Broc Hepler swept Unadilla for Suzuki. It was the first time Suzuki swept a national since May 10th, 1981 at Road Atlanta. This season alone, Suzuki has swept three nationals between Mike Alessi, Chad Reed (450 Class) and Ryan Dungey (250 Class).

* Kawasaki has swept at Unadilla an astonishing four times.

* Unadilla has been used for Inter-am events, Trans-am events, and US GP’s in the 1970s and 1980s. The track hosted a 500 national in 1976, 1977, 1989, 1990 and 1991.

* Rick Johnson won his last AMA race at Unadilla on October 14th, 1990, in the 500cc class.

* Yamaha has not won a 450 Class event at Unadilla since 1973.

First time winners at Unadilla: Greg Albertyn, 1996 – Suzuki

Riders to win at Unadilla in both classes: Ricky Carmichael, James Stewart, Kevin Windham

450 Class Overall Wins: Chad Reed – 3, Mike Alessi – 2, Josh Grant – 1, Ivan Tedesco – 1, Ryan Villopoto – 1

450 Class Moto Wins: Chad Reed – 6, Mike Alessi – 4, Josh Grant – 2, Ivan Tedesco – 2, Ryan Villopoto – 2

450 Class Laps Led: Josh Grant – 62, Chad Reed – 60, Ivan Tedesco – 57, Mike Alessi – 52, Andrew Short – 11, Ryan Villopoto – 8

250 Class Stats:

* The first race was held at Unadilla on October 15, 1989. Damon Bradshaw would win on a Yamaha.

* This will be the 20th time the gate will drop at Unadilla for the 250 Class.

* Guy Cooper was the first rider to win back-to-back at Unadilla in 1990 and 1991. He would also earn his last 250 Class victory at Unadilla in 1991 on a Suzuki.

* Yamaha has not won an 250 Class race at Unadilla since 2004.

* Kawasaki has won the past three races at Unadilla and six of the last seven.

* With the inclusion of Windham, the 250 Class features just one former winner at the facility. Windham won his 250 Class race at Unadilla during his final year in the division in 2007. He is the last Yamaha rider to win at the track.

* Honda has just one win in 19 years at Unadilla.

First time winners at Unadilla: Broc Hepler, 2005 – Suzuki, James Dobb, 1993 – Kawasaki

250 Class Overall Wins: Ryan Dungey – 4, Christophe Pourcel – 2, Jake Weimer – 2

250 Class Moto Wins: Christophe Pourcel – 8, Ryan Dungey – 7, Jake Weimer – 1

250 Class Wins by Brand: Kawasaki – 4, Suzuki – 4

250 Class Laps Led: Christophe Pourcel – 82, Ryan Dungey – 80, Justin Barcia – 43, Trey Canard – 21, Jake Weimer – 11, Blake Wharton – 6, Martin Davalos – 5


450 Class

July 20, 2008 James Stewart Haines City, FL Kawasaki

July 15, 2007 Kevin Windham Centreville, MS Honda

July 16, 2006 Ricky Carmichael Havana, FL Suzuki

July 17, 2005 Ricky Carmichael Havana, FL Suzuki

July 18, 2004 Ricky Carmichael Havana, FL Honda

July 20, 2003 Kevin Windham Centreville, MS Honda

July 21, 2002 Ricky Carmichael Havana, FL Honda

July 15, 2001 Ricky Carmichael Havana, FL Kawasaki

July 16, 2000 Ricky Carmichael Havana, FL Kawasaki

July 18, 1999 Mike LaRocco South Bend, IN Honda

July 19, 1998 Jeff Emig Riverside, CA Kawasaki

July 20, 1997 Jeff Emig Riverside, CA Kawasaki

July 21, 1996 Greg Albertyn South Africa Suzuki

July 23, 1995 Mike LaRocco South Bend, IN Honda

July 17, 1994 Mike LaRocco South Bend, IN Kawasaki

July 11, 1993 Mike Kiedrowski Canyon Country, CA Kawasaki

July 29, 1973 Pierre Karsmakers Holland Yamaha

July 16, 1972 Gary Jones Hacienda Heights, CA Yamaha

250 Class

July 20, 2008 Ryan Villopoto Poulsbo, WA Kawasaki

July 15, 2007 Ben Townley Tallahassee, FL Kawasaki

July 16, 2006 Ryan Villopoto Poulsbo, WA Kawasaki

July 17, 2005 Broc Hepler Kittanning, PA Suzuki

July 18, 2004 James Stewart Haines City, FL Kawasaki

July 20, 2003 James Stewart Haines City, FL Kawasaki

July 21, 2002 James Stewart Haines City, FL Kawasaki

July 15, 2001 Grant Langston S. Africa KTM

July 16, 2000 Stephane Roncada France Yamaha

July 18, 1999 Ricky Carmichael Havana, FL Kawasaki

July 19, 1998 Ricky Carmichael Havana, FL Kawasaki

July 20, 1997 Kevin Windham Baton Rouge, LA Yamaha

July 21, 1996 Steve Lamson Pollock Pines, CA Honda

July 23, 1995 Ryan Hughes Escondido, CA Kawasaki

July 17, 1994 Ryan Hughes Escondido, CA Kawasaki

July 11, 1993 James Dobb Corona, CA Kawasaki

October 13, 1991 Guy Cooper Stillwater, OK Suzuki

October 14, 1990 Guy Cooper Stillwater, OK Suzuki

October 15, 1989 Damon Bradshaw Charlotte, NC Yamaha

500cc Class

October 13, 1991 Jeff Ward San Juan Capistrano, CA Kawasaki

October 14, 1990 Rick Johnson El Cajon, CA Honda

October 15, 1989 Jean-Michel Bayle France Honda

July 31, 1977 Marty Smith San Diego, CA Honda

August 1, 1976 Steve Stackable Austin, TX Suzuki

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