James Stewart wins his seventh supercross race in a row, and takes over 2009 Series points lead! Christophe Pourcel takes second win in a row in East Supercross!

450 Supercross Results
1. James Stewart YAM
2. Chad Reed SUZ
3. R Villopoto KAW
4. A Short HON
5. Broc Hepler YAM
6. K Windham HON
7. Ivan Tedesco HON
8. Tim Ferry KAW
9. Josh Hill YAM
10. Davi Millsaps HON
11. Mike Alessi SUZ
12. Matt Boni HON
13. Josh Grant YAM
14. K Chisholm YAM
15. Nick Wey YAM
16. T Hahn KAW
17. T Adams HON
18. T Bowers HON
19. Ben Coisy HON
20. J Summey KTM
450 Point standings

James Stewart 177
Chad Reed 174
Andrew Short 140
R Villopoto 126
Josh Grant 120
Ivan Tedesco 116
Kevin Windham 111
Davi Millsaps 102
Mike Alessi 93
Tim Ferry 87
Josh Hill 76
H Voss 51
N Wey 50
P Carpenter 46
K Chisholm 38
B Coisy 36
M Boni 33
J Summey 24
C Siebler 23
S Boniface 22
250 East Results
1. Chris Pourcel KAW
2. Nico Izzi SUZ
3. M Davalos KTM
4. B Wharton HON
5. B Jesseman KAW
6. W Hahn KTM
7. A Stroupe KAW
8. M Lemoine YAM
9. M Goerke SUZ
10. S Clarke SUZ
11. T Wharton HON
12. L Kilbarger HON
13. B Ripple HON
14. J Saylor YAM
15. V Friese HON
16. F Karrie SUZ
17. D Durham YAM
18. S Hackley SUZ
19. Cody Gilmore HON
20. T Parks SUZ
250 Point standings

Chris Pourcel 50
Nico Izzi 42
B Wharton 34
M Davalos 34
Austin Stroupe 32
Wil Hahn 30
B Jesseman 25
M Goerke 23
B Metcalfe 22
S Clarke 19
D Durham 17
J Saylor 17
M Lemoine 16
T Wharton 15
Dan Blair 12
L Kilbarger 9
B Ripple 8
H Hewitt 7
V Friese 7
T Parks 7

Atlanta Supercross! GeorgiaDome!

450 Supercross class: The win in the first heat of the 450 Supercross class goes to Chad Reed, riding the Rockstar Makita Suzuki. Second is Monster Kawasaki rider Ryan Villopoto, followed by Joe Gibbs/Toyota/Yamaha team rider Josh Grant.

The second 450 Supercross heat win goes to San Manuel L & M Yamaha’s James Stewart, followed by Red Bull Honda’s Ivan Tedesco, Davi Millsaps, and Andrew Short.

The 450 Supercross 20 lap main event win goes to … James Stewart! It’s James seventh win in a row! And he takes over the points lead by three points over defending Supercross Champion Chad Reed. Reedy finished second in the main behind Stewart, about 10 seconds behind. Third place goes to number 2 on the Monster Kawasaki, Ryan Villopoto.

James said of his win tonight “The start was great. My San Manuel Yamaha pulled another holeshot … it was just a good race for me. I was out in front by myself, and the track was definitely tough tonight … but I always like ATL. I always have a good time here and it feels good to get a win for sure. When out front, I just think about the fans and all the love you give me – it keeps me focused. There’s still a long ways to go, but it feels good to have the points lead, but I’m never going to give up. It’s a lot of work … but I want to thank my team again.”

250 East Lites class: Heat 1 sees Kawasaki Pro Circuit rider Austin Stroupe winning, followed by KTM rider Martin Davalos. Nico Izzi falls and has to go to the LCQ.

The second 250 East supercross heat is won by Kawasaki Pro Circuit rider from France Christophe Pourcel, followed by Matt Lemoine.

In the 15 lap 250 East Supercross Main Event, the early leader was Austin Stroupe. But Austin stalled his bike, had a problem getting it restarted, eventually finishing seventh. The win, the second victory in a row goes to Frenchman Christophe Pourcel, on the Pro Circuit Kawasaki! Suzuki’s Nico Izzi gets second, followed by KTM’s Martin Davalos.

Notes: The track – designed by 15-time AMA Supercross/Motocross Champion Ricky Carmichael. 250 East Championship contender Brett Metcalfe suffered a broken collarbone in practice, and did not race tonight. Jason Lawrence will start riding in the 450 Supercross class. Here is an interview with Jason at this link. Mike LaRocco has designed the track for next weekend’s race in Indy. Travis Pastrana is designing the race track for the St. Louis supercross … and there is a rumor that Travis will actually race the St. Louis race! (Just a rumor at this point folks.) Almost 69,000 people were on hand to witness the race in the GeorgiaDome! Lap times for the fastest riders were just under 50 seconds.

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Atlanta 2009 Photos

Click on the thumbnail to view the larger image. You’ll see 450 Supercross Main Event winner James Stewart 7, 250 East Supercross Main Event winner Christophe Pourcel 377, Chad Reed 1 doing a nice nac-nac, James Stewart taking the checkered flag and the victory in Atlanta tonight, Ryan Villopoto number 2 in one of the sand sections, the 250 Podium, nice start of the 450 Supercross main event, the 450 Supercross Podium, Mike Alessi 800, Broc Hepler number 60, Nico Izzi 20, Wil Hahn 50, Martin Davalos number 577, Davi Millsaps 18, Nico Izzi again, two photos Christophe Pourcel 377, two photos of Supercross Champion Chad Reed 1, Matt Lemoine 41, two photos of James Stewart 7, Austin Stroupe 981, Ryan Villopoto 2.

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